Wild Wild Left Radio #128 Jack-booted Thugs and Teflon Messiahs

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PhotobucketIts been a week of crime and terrorist activity.

All of which have been by our State against us, from the Teflon Messiah to the Pigs on the street.

Strap on your gas-masks folks; there is a huge history of violence against and they are adding chapters as we speak.

Hopefully, I am going to have some guests from the Oakland fiasco to speak out first hand about it. Confirmation awaits 🙂

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    • Diane G on October 28, 2011 at 20:17

    the Return to Sanity rally – what a difference a year makes, eh?

    Not that we didn’t call it exactly like it was then – a diversion to try and make sure People didn’t rise up – exactly as they are NOW.

    Call me a Prophet, or not, just call me 🙂



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