Occupy Wall Street Wednsday 10.26.11

(4 pm. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

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Occupy Wall Street

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PARTICIPATE: Locate Occupy Events in YOUR area–WORLDWIDE!!

PARTICIPATE TODAY: Get Wall Street out of Healthcare!! March Against the Health Insurance Industry

Wednesday Oct 26   3:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Liberty Plaza   ‘Under the Big Red Thing’

***PARTICIPATE OCT 28: Occupy Harlem

Friday October 28, 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM – St. Philip’s Church – 204 West 134th Street [west of 7th Av./Adam Clayton Powell Blvd]

***PARTICIPATE OCT 29: Occupy Against Big Food

Saturday Oct 29, 1:00PM – Zuccotti Park

***PARTICIPATE OCT 30: Climate Justice Day

Sunday Oct 30, 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM – Liberty Plaza; Throughout Liberty Plaza and beyond

***PARTICIPATE NOV 25 (& throughout the holiday season): OCCUPY BLACK FRIDAY

Let’s take a day that is all about consumption and make it our own, and let’s make it loud and clear that we will not support the corporations that destroyed our economy and undermined our Republic.Instead of a “Buy Nothing Day” we’ll have a “Buy Local Day.” Instead of buying a bunch of useless crap, let’s instead go out and help the poor. Volunteer at soup kitchens and host toy drives and do the other charitable things that the government refuses to do. A season of giving instead of a season of buying.


(see more under “NEWSPAPER/MEDIA” HERE)

***Can’t get to an Occupy?? HERE are things you CAN do!***

TURN ON LIVE STREAM: open a tab for Live Stream- Global Revolution


An outdoor billboard in New York, NY   20,000+ VOTES = 1 FREE GIGANTIC BILLBOARD.


The 1% have addresses. The 99% have messages.

*** They’ve Got Mail! Delivering the Occupy The Boardroom letters- Friday, October 28 · 2:00pm – 5:00pm


PARTICIPATE TODAY: Occupy Their Mailboxes The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

***PARTICIPATE BEFORE NOV.5 Operation Cash Back

**PARTICIPATE WHEN YOU SHOP Sustainable Connections

(see their other Sustainable Programs also)

SIGN PETITION: Credo Action: Clarence Thomas is not above the law.

SIGN PETITION: Working America: I Am Not Your ATM

(for more info on these & many others go HERE & look under “Petitions”)

WEAR/DISPLAY/SHOW Your Solidarity: CafePress store T-shirts!

T-shirts, bumper stickers, decals, mugs & much much more!

99% items, Occupy Items, Fawke Items


***NEW SITE: The OCCUPIED Wall Street Journal

**MINUTES: Occupy Movement National Conference Call: Monday, October 24th

**Occupy Together is working with Take the Square to buildHowToOccupy/HowToCamp

designed in order to promote the methods, techniques and knowledges on taking the square. This is the place to all of those who are keen on researching about how to starting by him/herself a pro-democratic and non-violent uprising in its region. We are opened to the whole world, we are an open community of sapience, we believe in the powers of synergy applied to information, creative commons, copyleft. We want to establish a global network which is able to offer to global public the necessary tools of rising up. We are in the beginning and our project will depend of everybody. We plan to install more features to this platform soon, as we develop and unite. Be welcome, let’s make it together!

Occupy Together Meetups

in 2164 cities as of 10.26.11 at NOON EDT

Occupy Together is creating has created a Worldwide Occupy Directory!

Searchable. Lists Occupation Name, State/Country, City, Website or Twitter

Please make sure YOUR Occupy Group is listed!

Occupy Wall Street Survey

Scheduled Events at OWS in NYC

Are You with an Occupy Event? Make sure YOUR General Assembly sees this:

*Recognition of Oppression Across Occupations – ‘An injury to one is an injury to all’

Reader Supported News: OWS Organizers Blast MoveOn (10.15.11)

First Declaration of the Occupation of New York City 09.29.11


please excuse any repeated listings.


AlterNet: Lynn Parramore: 4 Polls That Show Occupy Wall Street is Just Getting Started (10.24.11)

Is the increasingly popular movement poised to turn the tide of American history?

Occupied WallStJournal: The People’s Library

Nation: Peter Rothberg: Fifteen Ways to Help Occupy Wall Street (10.25.11)

(scroll down past the fund-drive)

CounterPunch: JEFFREY ST. CLAIR and JOSHUA FRANK: Don’t Protest, Resist – Occupy the System (10.25.11)

(old but well worth the read)

Huffington Post: Bruce Levine: “Fundamentalist Consumerism” Kills Us Quickly and Slowly (December 23, 2008 04:33 AM)

CBS: “Occupy” arrests in Ill., Ohio, Calif., Pa. (10.23.11)

PoliticusUSA: Jason Easley: Bill O’Reilly Admits That Fox News Is Waging A War Against Occupy Wall Street (0.24.11)

Times-Union: Capital Confidential: Soares tells Olbermann it’s a ‘wonderful protest’

DKos: La Gitane: San Diego City Council WALKS OUT on OSD!!! (10.25.11)

Video of San Diego City Council

Bloomberg: Christopher Palmeri, Freeman Klopott and Alison VekshinWall Street Protesters Seeking Bank Curbs Focus on City Halls Across U.S. (10.25.11)

RollingStone: Matt Taibbi: OWS’s Beef: Wall Street Isn’t Winning – It’s Cheating (10.25.11)

Take the Square: The politics of Occupation: Notes on #OccupyMelbourne, What it might mean. Where we might take it. (10.25.11)

Solidarity Letter From Cairo

Occupy Wall Street.org: Drumming and the Occupation  (10.24.11)

Food Republic: Up Next: Occupy Against Big Food (10.24.11)

The OWS crowd turns anti-“corporate feeding”

DemocracyNOW: Goldman Sachs v. Occupy Wall Street: A Greg Palast Investigation (10.25.11)


Flying Seminar at The New School: OWS meets Japanese Anti-Nukers in conversation with Jonathan Schell (10.24.11)

STATEMENT from Occupy London Stock Exchange (10.25.11)

Action Report from Occupy London/ UK Uncut (Tuesday 25th October)


(just WHY did we go to Afghanistan again??)

UPI: Afghanistan yields rare earth elements

Huffington Post: Donna Cassata: Veterans Benefits: Lawmakers Open To Changes In Military Benefits  (10.23.11)

Business Insider: Robert Johnson: The FBI Announces Gangs Have Infiltrated Every Branch Of The Military (10.22.11)

Politico: DAN BERMAN & TALIA BUFORD: Greens: Obama campaign hire ‘stinks’ (10.24.11)

AlterNet: Les Leopold: The Shocking, Graphic Data That Shows Exactly What Motivates the Occupy Movement (10.23.11)

The corporate media may obsess about what Occupy Wall Street is all about, but these images should make it clear.

DailyBail: A 25 Billion Dollar Secret: The NY Fed, Goldman & The AIG Cover-Up


DKos: Brit: FALL OF THE HOUSE OF MURDOCH XXVI: BREAKING: The Dynasty is Over (10.24.11)

Local Government Lawyer(UK): Unions take row over inflation index and pensions to High Court (10.24.11)

Made in USA Products Directory

(h/t puzzled)

The Bay Citizen: Aaron Glantz: Credit Union Deposits Surge amid Wall Street Protests (10.18.11)

Facebook page declares Nov. 5 “Bank Transfer Day,” and 45,000 plan to participate

Guardian: Helen Pidd: Facebook could face €100,000 fine for holding data that users have deleted

Social network will be audited by Irish data protection commissioner after Austrian law student registers 22 complaints

Quinnipiac: October 25, 2011 – Opposition To Ohio’s SB 5 Grows, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Women, Union Members Push Kasich Deeper In Hole

In TWO WEEKS – there will be a vote in Ohio which will have significant national implications. The people of Ohio will get the chance to repeal a law signed into law by a Republican governor and legislature that will effectively eliminate unions. Not only is this their attempt to prevent the working class American from having fair pay with fair benefits – this is a way for them to break the back of Democrats.

If you’re in OHIO or know anyone who lives in OHIO or care about the labor movement which by the way is an ideological cousin to the #OccupyWallStreet movement against the 1%….then share the news and let’s see if we can get out the vote.


Palm Beach Post: John Kennedy: Judge blocks Florida governor’s drug-testing for welfare applicants as unconstitutional (10.24.11)


NYTimes: ERIC DASH and NELSON D. SCHWARTZ: In Cautious Times, Banks Flooded With Cash (10.24.1)

Bankers have an odd-sounding problem these days: they are awash in cash.

“If you had more money than you knew what to do with, would you want more?” asks Don Sturm, a bank owner in Colorado. <..snip..>they are trying to discourage some depositors from parking that cash with them. With fewer attractive lending and investment options for that money, it is harder for the banks to turn it around for a healthy profit. <..snip..>What’s more, the profitability of each new loan has shrunk.  Normally, banks earn healthy profits by taking in deposits and then investing them or lending them out at substantially higher interest rates than what they pay savers. But that traditional banking model has broken down. <..snip..>The banks are also earning less on the deposits left over to invest. <..snip..>In other words, what bankers call the spread is being squeezed – they are making less money on each dollar they hold.

Green Party to Democratic apologists: The message of the Wall Street protests is not ‘Vote Democrat’


@kgosztola Kevin Gosztola

#OWS is not going to get in the business of helping two major US political parties further rig system. They aren’t a #GOTV movement.

9 minutes ago via web   (10.16.11  7:51pmEDT)

OccupyEarth Occupy Earth

We #OccupyEarth and we claim the right to protect our land from unsustainable interests. #globalchange #tomalacalle15o #Oct15 #takewallst

2 minutes ago  (10.12.11 appx 9:45pm EDT)

@OccupyPeoria OccupyPeoria

We’re not the left. We’re not the right. We are the bottom and we’re coming up. #ows #occupychi #occupypeoria #occupyamerica #occupyearth

8 Oct via web (9:45amEDT)

OccupyWallSt Occupy Wall Street

Organizations and politicians are supporting us but they are not sponsoring us #ows

about 3 hours ago (10.08.11 appx 8:20am EDT)

OpWallStreet #OccupyAmerica

by OccupyWallSt

To those who are worried about #OWS becoming co-opted by partisan politics, DONT WORRY. #OccupyWallStreet by design cant be controlled.

9 hours ago  (10.06.11 appx 2am EDT)


Occupy Oakland Before & After Police Raid

Guardian: Occupy: protesters in their own words – London became part of the global Occupy movement when protesters set up camp at St Paul’s. From Frankfurt to Madrid, Wall Street to Athens, people are taking to the streets to rage against greed and inequality. Who are the demonstrators and what do they hope to achieve?

Guardian: Occupy Together Flickr Gallery

Guardian: Occupy Everywhere: geotagged photos of demonstrations and events of the global movement

We are the 99%


Occupy Nova Scotia- Waves of Emotion (video)

Dorothy Fadiman’s dramatic and moving documentary “STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote” brings together behind-the-scenes perspectives from the U.S. presidential election of 2004 – plus startling stories from key races in 1996, 2000, 2002 and 2006.

Rocky Road to Dublin

Occupy Dame Street march from Parnell Square on Saturday 22 October 2011.

JourneyManPictures: Occupy Wall Street – USA

TED: Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies


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