Occupy Wall Street Monday 10.24.11

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Occupy the London Stock Exchange

A Movement in Slow Motion from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

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An outdoor billboard in New York, NY   20,000+ VOTES = 1 FREE GIGANTIC BILLBOARD.


The 1% have addresses. The 99% have messages.

Life gets awfully lonely for those at the top. What can we do to let them know someone’s thinking of them? Maybe they need some new friends! We’ve thought of two ways we can help them with that.

PARTICIPATE TODAY: Occupy Their Mailboxes The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

PARTICIPATE: Get Wall Street out of Healthcare!! March Against the Health Insurance Industry

Date(s) – 26 Oct 2011   3:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Liberty Plaza   ‘Under the Big Red Thing’

TURN ON LIVE STREAM: open a tab for Live Stream- Global Revolution

SIGN PETITION: Credo Action: Clarence Thomas is not above the law.

SIGN PETITION: Working America: I Am Not Your ATM

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Scheduled Events at OWS in NYC

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*Recognition of Oppression Across Occupations – ‘An injury to one is an injury to all’

Reader Supported News: OWS Organizers Blast MoveOn (10.15.11)

First Declaration of the Occupation of New York City 09.29.11


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Occupy Marines have a website!

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Guardian: Davis Haack: How the Occupy movement won me over – Occupy Wall Street has wisely resisted calls for ‘demands’. This great democratic experiment is bigger than any programme (10.24.11)


Guardian: Paul Harris: Police brutality charges sweep across the US – From Naomi Wolf’s arrest in New York to shootings in Tucson and Florida, forces face allegations of abuse of power (10.22.11)

Peaceful Uprising: Ashley Anderson: A conspiracy of transparency behind Occupy Wall Street (10.23.11)

BoingBoing: Xeni Jardin: Chinese web censors block terms related to “Occupy,” to stamp out movement’s spread in China (10.22.11)

Common Dreams: John Stauber: “Occupy Obama” Could Turn Up Heat on the Democrats (10.21.11)

Des Moines Register: JENS MANUEL KROGSTAD: Protesters stage march to Obama’s Des Moines office(10.23.11)

MotherJones: Josh Harkinson: What the NYPD Really Thinks of Occupy Wall Street(10.21.11)

MotherJones: Gavin Aronsen: The Right-Wing Media Assault on Occupy Oakland (10.21.11)

Nation of Change: : (10.23.11)

Nation of Change: Dave Johnson: Captured Government’s Increasing Irrelevance Shows Occupy’s Importance – “This week the government ‘settled’ fraud charges against Citibank – with no criminal charges for the fraud.” (10.23.11)

Nation of Change: John Schmitt: A Growing Disparity – “[T]he thread running through the range of grievances voiced at occupations around the country is anger over high and rising inequality.” (10.23.11)

Nation of Change: Barbara Ehrenreich: Throw Them Out With The Trash – “Why homelessness is becoming an Occupy Wall Street issue” (10.23.11)


Sydney Morning Herald: Courtney Trenwith: Barnett’s jail threat to human rights activist (10.24.11)

Sydney Morning Herald: Alicia Wood: Camila and the cause: can young Australians shift the political agenda? – Young people still join political parties – but they are no longer the first port of call. They are predominantly seen as inflexible and rigid(10.24.11)

Sydney Morning Herald: Michael Green: Inchoate, yes, but thoughtful  – Why hundreds have cast off apathy and taken to peaceful protest(10.24.11)

Sydney Morning Herald: Treasurer disappointed by protest violence (10.24.11)

Sydney Morning Herald: Gerard Henderson: Placards aplenty at protest but it’s hard to see the good for the pleas(10.25.11)

Guardian: Mark Townsend and Tracy McVeigh: Second Occupy London camp forms at Finsbury Square – Protesters call ‘general assembly’ at site in Moorgate and declare it a second occupation after St Paul’s(10.22.11)

Guardian: Naomi Colvin and Kai Wargalla: What we’re really doing at St Paul’s – OccupyLSX isn’t just about tents. People are learning to participate in change wherever they are based(10.23.11)

Guardian: Katherine Rose: Why I led a guerrilla evensong outside St Paul’s – When I joked about an outdoor evensong, I didn’t expect to find myself singing with the Occupy London protesters (10.24.11)

Guardian: LETTERS to the Editor: Conflict and crisis at the cathedral (10.23.11)


Sen. Bernie Sanders: What Wall Street doesn’t want us to know about oil prices

MotherJones: Kevin Drum: Chart of the Day

Nation of Change: Brian Walker: Bank of America Makes 6.2 Billion Tax Free Dollars in Third Quarter Profits – Banks are adding new fees for basic services as their profits and revenues rise citing government regulation as the cause. (10.23.11)

DKos: KStreetProjector: SuperYachts, Global Warming and Suntrust (10.24.11)


Nation of Change: Christina Hillstrom: Women Farmers Feed the World – Fatou Batta: “In West Africa, women’s resistance to the new Green Revolution shows that the question of agricultural sustainability is also a question of equality.” (10.23.11)


JesseLaGreca Jesse LaGreca

RT @thinkprogress: Goldman Sachs withdraws from credit union fundraiser after learning #OccupyWallStreet would be honored

4 minutes ago   (10.23.11  9:55amEDT)

@kgosztola Kevin Gosztola

#OWS is not going to get in the business of helping two major US political parties further rig system. They aren’t a #GOTV movement.

9 minutes ago via web   (10.16.11  7:51pmEDT)

OccupyEarth Occupy Earth

We #OccupyEarth and we claim the right to protect our land from unsustainable interests. #globalchange #tomalacalle15o #Oct15 #takewallst

2 minutes ago  (10.12.11 appx 9:45pm EDT)

@OccupyPeoria OccupyPeoria

We’re not the left. We’re not the right. We are the bottom and we’re coming up. #ows #occupychi #occupypeoria #occupyamerica #occupyearth

8 Oct via web (9:45amEDT)

OccupyWallSt Occupy Wall Street

Organizations and politicians are supporting us but they are not sponsoring us #ows

about 3 hours ago (10.08.11 appx 8:20am EDT)

OpWallStreet #OccupyAmerica

by OccupyWallSt

To those who are worried about #OWS becoming co-opted by partisan politics, DONT WORRY. #OccupyWallStreet by design cant be controlled.

9 hours ago  (10.06.11 appx 2am EDT)


Guardian: Occupy: protesters in their own words – London became part of the global Occupy movement when protesters set up camp at St Paul’s. From Frankfurt to Madrid, Wall Street to Athens, people are taking to the streets to rage against greed and inequality. Who are the demonstrators and what do they hope to achieve?

DKos: The Troubadour: How Can I Possibly Show You This? || A Passionate Photo Narrative Inspired by My Time w/ #OccupyDC (10.23.11)

Sign qoutes Think Progress

Awwccupy Wall Street

Guardian: Occupy Together Flickr Gallery

Guardian: Occupy Everywhere: geotagged photos of demonstrations and events of the global movement


Sean Lennon & Louden Wainwright at OWS

DKos: Horace Boothroyd III: Confessions of a Banker-Occupy Portland Oregon (10.24.11)

DemocracyNow: Michael Moore & Cornel West on OWS (10.24.11)

Current: KOlbermann: Occupy Wall Street: Naomi Wolf calls attention to the disturbing involvement of Homeland Security in her arrest (10.21.11)

Current: KOlbermann: British Labour Party member Tom Watson shares new details in News Corp. scandal, offers warnings for shareholders (10.21.11)

Current: KOlbermann: Occupy Wall Street: Paul Krugman says the movement has changed the policy conversation in Washington (10.21.11)

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