Occupy Wall Street Monday 10.17.11

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Occupy Wall Street: Occupy Wall Street Marks One Month at Liberty Square, Occupations Spread to Over 100 US Cities – Movement For Economic Justice Gains Global Momentum (10.17.11)

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PARTICIPATE: Locate Occupy Events in YOUR area–WORLDWIDE!!

PARTICIPATE TODAY Monday October 17th:
Occupy Their Mailboxes The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

Mail… Real Mail makes an impact like nothing else does

if thousands do this in every district just imagine… the impact at congressional offices nation wide… the impact this will have on the post offices!

AND… this is something everyone can do!

Fawke-ing Brilliant!

ATTEND: Occupy Wall St. Benefit Show !

Saturday, October 22 at 6:30pm – October 23 at 2:00am

Gussy’s Bar & Grill  20-14 29th St  Queens, NY

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SIGN PETITION: WE the People: petition the obama administration to: Make Bribing Politicians Illegal

SIGN PETITION: Change.org: NYC Mayor: Stand with Occupy Wall Street

SIGN PETITION: Change.org: Occupy Wall Street: Occupy Together

SIGN PETITION: AVAAZ: The World vs Wall Street

SIGN PETITION: Credo: Stand with Occupy Wall Street


SIGN PETITION: Eric Grieco: Tell Congress: We need jobs, not cuts!

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*Recognition of Oppression Across Occupations – ‘An injury to one is an injury to all’

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First Declaration of the Occupation of New York City 09.29.11


Be sure to see the TWO posts from Oct 15 ONE and TWO

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on the Oct 15 United for Global Change Protests.

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*Journalist’s Resource: Margaret Weigel: Possible Affects of the “Buffett Rule” and Higher Taxes on the Wealthy (10.17.11)

*Financial Times: Editorial: America wakes to the din of inequity


*ABC: Ryan J Foley: Long Ties to Koch Brothers Key to Cain’s Campaign (10.17.11)

*aljazeera: Paul Rosenberg: America’s growing anti-intellectualism – Paul Rosenberg concludes his analysis of critical deficits leading to the “Occupy” movement sweeping the nation.

*TruthDig: Mr. Fish: Nude in Black and White (10.17.11)

*TruthDig: Chris Hedges: A Movement Too Big To Fail (10.17.11)

*NY Observer: Drew Grant: Talking to ‘Occupy the Board Room’: New Site Encourages Getting in Touch with the 1%, Legally (10.17.11)


*MyFDL: TechBear: High ranking CIA operative “working with” NYPD (10.17.11)

*LA Times: Amy Hubbard: Hearing set for Cornel West, others arrested at Supreme Court (10.17.11)

*LA Times: ‘Occupy the Tundra’: One woman’s lonely vigil in bush Alaska (10.15.11)

*LA Times: Geraldine Baum: Occupy Wall Street inspires the ‘I’m getting arrested’ app (10.17.11)

*Telegraph: Alastair Good: Occupy Wall Street protesters heckle Rupert Murdoch – Protesters dressed as characters from Sesame Street heckle Rupert Murdoch, accusing the media mogul of trying to profit from education. (10.15.11)

*Palm Desert Patch: Jessica Davis: City To Occupiers: Not So Fast (10.17.11)

*News & Record: Taft Wireback: Occupy protesters look for new campsite (10.17.11)

*Huffington Post: Inside Planning of Occupy Chapel Hill (10.10.11)

*HuffingtonPost: Live Updates OWS: Occupy Missoula Launches OccupiedMedia (10.17.11 1:33pmEDT)

“Taryn Hart, attorney, blogger and Occupy Missoula supporter, has created the OccupiedMedia project, an initiative focused on connecting smaller occupations together through a series of virtual teach-ins with the help of fellow Occupy activists and several high-profile economists.”

*Quinnipiac Survey: New Yorkers Back Wall St. Protesters 3 – 1, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Stay As Long As You Want, Even Republicans Say (10.17.11)

*Huffington Post: Amanda Terkel: Eric Cantor On Occupy Wall Street: I’m Upset Democrats Are ‘Joining In The Effort To Blame Others’  (10.16.11)

*Huffington Post: Peter S. Goodman: Occupy Wall Street: Renaissance, Not Revolution (10.17.11)

*Huffington Post: New Yorker Occupy Wall Street Cover: What The One Percent Would Protest (PHOTO) (10.17.11)

Occupy Wall Street: Occupy Wall Street Marks One Month at Liberty Square, Occupations Spread to Over 100 US Cities – Movement For Economic Justice Gains Global Momentum (10.17.11)

MSNBC: Kari Huus: Homeowner taps ‘Occupy’ protest  to avoid foreclosure – California woman’s case may show how movement can use its muscle against banks (10.17.11)

MSNBC: VERENA DOBNIK: Occupy Wall Street shows muscle, raises $300K – Protesters are hoping to hang on to momentum, but there is also sign of tension (10.17.11)

BBC: Mark Mardell: Occupy Wall Street: What can the protesters achieve?

Nation of Change: Dr Cornel West & 14 Others Arrested Protesting Corporate Power at U.S. Supreme Court(10.16.11)

Nation of Change: Sara Van Gelder: 10 Ways to Support The Occupy Movement (10.16.11)

NPR: Thousands Nationwide Join New York-Born Protest (10.16.11)

ABC News 4: Nikki Gaskins: Occupy Charleston holds march (10.15.11)

WISTV: Wall Street protests spread to SC (10.14.11)

WISTV: Jeremy Turnage : “Occupy Columbia” protestors spend the night at State House (10.16.11)

MSNBC: Anti-Wall St. movement grows to dozens of cities

About 175 protesters were arrested in Chicago early Sunday (10.16.11)

Occupy Wall Street: From Tahrir Square to Times Square: Protests Erupt in Over 1,500 Cities Worldwide  (10.16.11)

DKos: his panic: Marine vet scolds/puts NYPD in their place (AMAZING VID!)update3x (10.16.11)

(rough transcript of video)

KnowThankYou: We Are Corporate Compost

(a series of posts- read all the way down & bookmark)

Plutocracy Files: Field Report, Times Square, Global Change Day  (10.16.11)

RawStory: Muriel Kane: Tea Party co-founder expresses support for Occupy Wall Street (10.16.11)

RawStory: Stephen C. Webster: ‘Occupy’ protester brutally attacked by cop (10.14.11)

RawStory: Muriel Kane: NYPD charges Times Square protesters with police horses (10.16.11)

RawStory: Eric W. Dolan: ‘Occupy’ protesters remain camped out in Frankfurt and London (10.16.11)

RawStory: Andrew Jones: Occupy Wall St. protester arrested despite following police orders (10.16.11)

RawStory: Muriel Kane: Cornel West arrested protesting at Supreme Court (10.16.11)

NBC NY: Protesters Occupy Times Square, Police Arrest 92 (10.16.11)

NBC NY: JONATHAN VIGLIOTTI : A Look at Occupy Wall Street’s Supply Room (10.16.11)

Citibank Statement Regarding Protester Arrests

October 15, 2011 6:12 PM By Citibank Public Affairs

Immanuel Wallerstein: The Fantastic Success of Occupy Wall Street (10.15.11)

Nation: Jon Wiener: Hard Hats and Hippies, Together at Last: The Action at Occupy Wall Street (10.14.11)

Nation: Laurie Penny: Cyberactivism from Egypt to Occupy Wall Street (10.16.11)

Nation: Greg Mitchell: The OccupyUSA Blog: Special Weekend Edition! (10.16.11)

Nation: Ben Adler: The Weekly Standard, National Review and the ’53 Percent’ Meet Occupy Wall Street (10.14.11)

Nation: Allison Kilkenny: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Pack Times Square (10.16.11)

Nation: Peter Rothberg: ‘The First Amendment Is Our Permit’ (10.16.11)

Gothamist: Jimmy Breslin: Occupy Wall Street Is A “Human Rights Movement” (10.16.11)


*SkyNews: Tom Parmenter: Protesters Face Bankers In City Showdown (10.17.11)

*BBC: Occupy London,Your Views (10.17.11)

Protesters share their views on the ongoing protest.

*BBC: City of London: Protest continues for third day – Demonstrators protesting against “corporate greed” are spending a third day camped out in London’s financial district. (10.17.11)

*LA Times: Janet Stobart and John M. Glionna: Protests against corporate greed spread across the globe – In London and other European capitals, in Australia and Tokyo and Seoul, and in New York, where the protests began last month, and other U.S. cities, fed-up citizens march against the financial system. (10.15.11)

*Huffington Post: Tom Stevenson: Policing Occupy London is About Intimidation (10.17.11)

*Huffington Post: The Return of the English Morality Tale?  (10.17.11)

Reuters: Andrew Roche: Global “Day of Rage” mostly peaceful, Rome clears (10.16.11)

Bloomberg: Tony Czuczka and Rainer Buergin: Germany Shoots Down ‘Dreams’ of Swift Crisis Fix (10.17.11)

Bloomberg: Howard Mustoe, Elisa Martinuzzi and Michael Heath: London Exchange Access Curbed as Protests Spread (10.17.11)

BBC: Occupy London: Protest continues for second day – An anti-capitalist protest in London’s financial district is continuing for a second day, with protesters gathered outside St Paul’s Cathedral. (10.16.11)

BBC: Tony Greenham: The global economy is broken. Here’s how to fix it – The Occupy London and Wall Street protests reflect deep anger that no one has been called to account for the financial crisis (10.16.11)

BBC: Rome counts cost of violence after global protests (10.16.11)

MSNBC: ‘Enough is enough’: London ‘Occupy’ protesters camp out

Around 250 demonstrators decrying corporate green pitch tents outside London’s iconic St Paul’s Cathedral (10.16.11)


@kgosztola Kevin Gosztola

#OWS is not going to get in the business of helping two major US political parties further rig system. They aren’t a #GOTV movement.

9 minutes ago via web   (0.16.11  7:51pmEDT)

OccupyEarth Occupy Earth

We #OccupyEarth and we claim the right to protect our land from unsustainable interests. #globalchange #tomalacalle15o #Oct15 #takewallst

2 minutes ago  (10.12.11 appx 9:45pm EDT)

@OccupyPeoria OccupyPeoria

We’re not the left. We’re not the right. We are the bottom and we’re coming up. #ows #occupychi #occupypeoria #occupyamerica #occupyearth

8 Oct via web (9:45amEDT)

OccupyWallSt Occupy Wall Street

Organizations and politicians are supporting us but they are not sponsoring us #ows

about 3 hours ago (10.08.11 appx 8:20am EDT)

OpWallStreet #OccupyAmerica

by OccupyWallSt

To those who are worried about #OWS becoming co-opted by partisan politics, DONT WORRY. #OccupyWallStreet by design cant be controlled.

9 hours ago  (10.06.11 appx 2am EDT)


*Huffington Post: Occupy The World (PHOTOS)  (10.17.11)

(Brilliant photography!  h/t edger)

*Senencito: Faces of OccupyWallst

MSNBC: PHOTOS: Global Occupy protests begin

Occupy Protest Map 10.15.11

CBS: “Occupy” protests go global

Global Grind: Occupy Wall Street Goes Global (PHOTOS)

Guardian: Occupy movement goes global – in pictures – Occupy Wall Street protests are linking up with other Occupy movements around the world

LINK to TheOther99’s photo account

We Are the 99 Percent (bring tissues!)

Official Occupy Wall Street Flicker Photos (ALL from people THERE)


*Washington Square Park Arrests


AlJazeera: ‘Occupy’ protests continue across the globe

*RoarMagazine: Jérôme E. Roos: Global revolution: protests in 1,000+ cities – in videos (10.16.11)

The Countdown Library

DemocracyNOW’s OCW channel


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