Occupy Wall Street Friday 10.21.11

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Pete Seeger to March With Wall Street Protesters

The march departs at 10:30 p.m. by Peter Jay Shape Theatre on Broadway and is expected to wrap up at midnight at Columbus Circle, where folk musicians are planning to stage a midnight occupation.

The march follows a performance featuring Pete Seeger and Tao Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, and Suzanne Vega.

Here Is The City: ‘Occupy Legoland’ Protests Spread

More Occupy Legoland Photos HERE

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PARTICIPATE: Locate Occupy Events in YOUR area–WORLDWIDE!!

PARTICIPATE TODAY Friday October 21: Occupy Wall Street Stop & Frisk Rally

‚Äč10:30 am at Zuccotti Park, Broadway & Liberty Street

PARTICIPATE TONIGHT Friday October 21: OWS Family Sleepover

Friday From 4pm – Saturday 11am , Zuccotti Park


An outdoor billboard in New York, NY   20,000+ VOTES = 1 FREE GIGANTIC BILLBOARD.


The 1% have addresses. The 99% have messages.

Life gets awfully lonely for those at the top. What can we do to let them know someone’s thinking of them? Maybe they need some new friends! We’ve thought of two ways we can help them with that.

PARTICIPATE TODAY: Occupy Their Mailboxes The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

ATTEND: Occupy Wall St. Benefit Show !

Saturday, October 22 at 6:30pm – October 23 at 2:00am

Gussy’s Bar & Grill  20-14 29th St  Queens, NY

PARTICIPATE: Get Wall Street out of Healthcare!! March Against the Health Insurance Industry

Date(s) – 26 Oct 2011   3:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Liberty Plaza   ‘Under the Big Red Thing’

TURN ON LIVE STREAM: open a tab for Live Stream- Global Revolution

SIGN PETITION: Working America: I Am Not Your ATM

SIGN PETITION: WE the People: petition the obama administration to: Make Bribing Politicians Illegal

SIGN PETITION: Change.org: NYC Mayor: Stand with Occupy Wall Street

SIGN PETITION: Change.org: Occupy Wall Street: Occupy Together

SIGN PETITION: AVAAZ: The World vs Wall Street

SIGN PETITION: Credo: Stand with Occupy Wall Street


Over 200,000 signatures!

Help us expose the auction. If you’ve received political fundraising solicitations on the phone or over email, submit them!

SIGN PETITION: Eric Grieco: Tell Congress: We need jobs, not cuts!

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Reader Supported News: OWS Organizers Blast MoveOn (10.15.11)

Are You with an Occupy Event? Make sure YOUR General Assembly sees this:

*Recognition of Oppression Across Occupations – ‘An injury to one is an injury to all’

Occupy Together Meetups

in 2019 cities as of 10.20.11 at 10am EDT

Occupy Together is creating has created an Occupy Directory!

Please make sure YOUR Occupy Group is listed!

First Declaration of the Occupation of New York City 09.29.11


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SkyNews: Wikipedia Founder Backs Anti-Greed Demos (10.19.11)

Here Is The City: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Reminded Us Of This Amusing Banker Prank

TruthDig: Alexander Kelley: Pro-Israel Group Tries to Smear the Protesters (10.19.11)

TruthDig: Alexander Kelley: Protesters Invigorated by Show of Public Support (10.19.11)

Guardian: Henry Barnes: Batman to Occupy Wall Street? (10.20.11)

Reuters: Ben Berkowitz and Chris Francescani: NY winter to test Occupy Wall St protest momentum (10.20.11)

ABC News4: Day 2 of Occupy Charleston sees bank march (10.20.11)

Bloomberg: Michael Kinsley: Iron-Clad Demands for Occupy Wall Street (10.20.11)

Bloomberg: Philip Boroff and Katya Kazakina: Wall Street Protesters ‘Occupy’ NY Museum (10.21.11)

The State: Noelle Phillips: ‘Occupy Columbia’ protesters take to Main Street (10.20.11)

MSNBC: Miranda Leitsinger: ‘Occupy’ protesters find allies in ranks of the wealthy – ‘Tax me, I’m good for it,’ some in the richest 1 percent say in support of the protest (10.21.11)

Post & Courier: Brian Hicks: Occupiers targeting greed issue (10.21.11)

Post & Courier: Prentiss Findlay: NAACP backs Occupy group: Protesters picket bank branch after cold night in park (10.21.11)

Antemedius: Jonathan Schell: Occupy Wall Street: The Beginning Is Here (10.20.11)

Nation of Change: Nathan Schneider: How Occupy Wall Street Became Occupy Everywhere (10.20.11)

Nation of Change: Jonathan Matthew Smucker: A Movement to Make Our Leaders Listen (10.20.11)

Nation of Change: Robert Reich: The Austerity Death Trap (10.20.11)

Nation of Change: George Lakoff: A Framing Memo for Occupy Wall Street (10.20.11)

Guardian: Naomi Wolf: how I was arrested at Occupy Wall Street – Arresting a middle-aged writer in an evening gown for peaceable conduct is a far cry from when America was a free republic (10.19.11)

Reuters: Felix Salmon: The Abacus sign (10.18.11)

RawStory: Eric W Dolan: Robert Reich – ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protest is already successful (10.19.11)

RawStory: Eric W Dolan: Libertarian Overstock.com CEO supports ‘Occupy Wall Street’ (10.19.11)

RawStory: Eric W Dolan: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ lends support to Sotheby’s protest (10.19.11)

RawStory: Andrew Jones: Republican Party claims ‘Nazis’ represent 99 Percent activists (10.19.11)

NPR: David Kestenbaum: What If We Paid Off The Debt? The Secret Government Report(10.20.11)

Wired: Quinn Norton: In a Single Month, the Occupation Became a Force(10.18.11)

Wired: Quinn Norton: Wired.com Embeds With #Occupy and Anonymous (10.18.11)

Washington Post: AP: Public radio host fired from show after NPR questions her involvement in DC protest (10.20.11)

Think Progress: Zaid Jilani: Radio Show Distributed By NPR Fires Host After She Takes Part In Protests (10.20.11)

DKos: The Troubadour: NPR Music Host Fired for Role in “Stop the Machine” Protest, Questioned About “Occupy DC” Group (10.20.11)


Irish Times: Students briefly occupy Chile’s Senate (10.21.11)

Aljazeera: Chile students demand ‘education for all’ – Nationwide protests held in a country where education has become a tough aim for many. (10.19.11)

Aljazeera: MJ Rosenberg: Occupy protest critics exploit anti-Semitism – Panicked conservatives are labeling the Occupy protests as ‘anti-Semitic’ in an attempt to break up the movement. (10.20.11)

Aljazeera: ‘Occupy’ protests continue across the globe

Guardian: Matt Truemann: Noises off: From Occupy Wall Street to … Sesame Street (10.21.11)

Guardian: LTE: (10.20.11)

Guardian: Francis Ryan: For disabled people on the Hardest Hit march, protest is personal – They may not be taking on capitalism or stopping all wars, but this weekend disabled people will try to protect their basic rights (10.21.11)

BBC4 Radio: Danny Glover: ‘History is made by young people’ (10.21.11)

BBC: Debabani Majumdar: Occupy London: Traders’ fears over St Paul’s demo (10.20.11)

BBC: Rosie Waites: V for Vendetta masks: Who’s behind them? (10.20.11)

Reuters: Ju-min Park: Performance art meets social protest in South Korea (10.21.11)

Bloomberg: David J. Lynch: Ex-British Chief Brown Says Wall Street Protests Seek Fairness (10.21.11)

Melbourne IndyMedia: Peaceful Occupy Melbourne protest brutally evicted (10.20.11)

RawStory: Eric W Dolan: Canadian protesters greet Bush with song ‘praising’ his unending wars (10.20.11)


TruthDig: Helen Redmond: Paging Dr. Paul: The Sickness Is in the System(10.20.11)

ABC News4: Wells Fargo bank statements sent to the wrong customers (10.20.11)

AddictingInformation: Stephen D Foster: Tea Party Nation Urges Businesses To Stop Hiring People In Order To Bring Down President Obama (10.19.11)

The State: Gina Smith: Study: Middle incomes hit hard – S.C. taxes favor wealthy, group says (10.19.11)

Reuters: Holly McKenna: Civil liberties report finds deadly stun guns abuse by NY police: (10.19.11)

MSNBC: JoNel Aleccia: Consumers couldn’t have washed away cantaloupe contamination, experts say (10.20.11)

RawStory:  Eric W Dolan: MIT economist: Wall Street created worst recession since WWII (10.20.11)

ThinkProgress: Zaid Jilani: Corporate Front Group ALEC Pushing For Repeal Of Paid Sick Day Laws Nationwide (10.19.11)

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Bailing Out the Complex

(i found the lack of info in this account interesting)

Wall Street Journal: Robert Frank: Millionaires Control 39% of Global Wealth (10.19.11)

New Scientist: Andy Coghlan and Debora MacKenzie: Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world  (10.19.11)

***PDF***Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Study: Stefania Vitali1, James B. Glattfelder1, and Stefano Battiston: The network of global corporate control

Aljazeera: A global financial tsunami

Meltdown examines how an epidemic of fear caused banks to stop lending, triggered protests and led to industrial action.


Guardian: Simon Goodley: Jailed Tyco boss attacks ‘indefensible’ Wall Street bonuses – Dennis Kozlowski – serving up to 25 years for grand larceny, conspiracy and securities fraud – says he ‘understands the frustration’ felt by Occupy Wall Street protesters (10.21.11)

RawStory: Stephen C Webster: Author: NYPD violence has helped ‘Occupy Wall Street’ (10.20.11)

Gawker: Troops in Afghanistan Burn Donated Copies of Bill O’Reilly’s Books (10.19.11)

Guardian: Sean Michaels: Jon Bon Jovi opens ‘pay what you can’ restaurant – The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen in New Jersey hopes to provide those living on a prayer with a cheap alternative to fast food (10.20.11)


@kgosztola Kevin Gosztola

#OWS is not going to get in the business of helping two major US political parties further rig system. They aren’t a #GOTV movement.

9 minutes ago via web   (10.16.11  7:51pmEDT)

OccupyEarth Occupy Earth

We #OccupyEarth and we claim the right to protect our land from unsustainable interests. #globalchange #tomalacalle15o #Oct15 #takewallst

2 minutes ago  (10.12.11 appx 9:45pm EDT)

@OccupyPeoria OccupyPeoria

We’re not the left. We’re not the right. We are the bottom and we’re coming up. #ows #occupychi #occupypeoria #occupyamerica #occupyearth

8 Oct via web (9:45amEDT)

OccupyWallSt Occupy Wall Street

Organizations and politicians are supporting us but they are not sponsoring us #ows

about 3 hours ago (10.08.11 appx 8:20am EDT)

OpWallStreet #OccupyAmerica

by OccupyWallSt

To those who are worried about #OWS becoming co-opted by partisan politics, DONT WORRY. #OccupyWallStreet by design cant be controlled.

9 hours ago  (10.06.11 appx 2am EDT)


A Billion Points of Light

ABC News4: Photos: Occupy Charleston

The State: Photos: Occupy Columbia

Occupy Oakland just got handed eviction notice (10.20.11)

Guardian: Occupy Together Flickr Gallery

Guardian: Occupy Everywhere: geotagged photos of demonstrations and events of the global movement


Current: Young Turks: ‘Poorman’s Nation’ helps Occupy Wall Street find a voice on the radio (10.20.11)

Bloomberg: Economist Edmund Phelps Says He Visited Wall Street Demonstrators (10.20.11)

Police removing protesters at Occupy Melbourne

Current: Countdown: Occupy Wall Street: Michael Moore says Dems and GOP ‘feed at the same trough’  (10.20.11)

Current: Countdown: Occupy Wall Street: Inspired by rapid progress, Michael Moore calls on all Americans to participate (10.20.11)

A message from Anonymous to Wall street, New York and the protesters


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