Occupy Wall St. Livestream: Day 16

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The resistance continues at Liberty Square, with free pizza 😉

UPDATE: Cops Accused Of Trapping Wall Street Protesters On Brooklyn Bridge For Mass Arrests

NickS reports:

   Please make clear that the police setup the demonstrators. From talking to people before the match started, it was not my sense that a large number of people intended to be arrested. (thought we were all prepared with the NLG phone number, etc). When we got to the bridge, the police made no effort to keep people off the roadway even though they helped control traffic as we crossed the street.

Van Jones Praises Occupy Wall Street, Says Progressives Launching ‘October Offensive’ To Rival Tea Party

Former White House adviser Van Jones says that progressives are going to launch an “October offensive” to rival the Tea Party, in the spirit of the Arab Spring protests across the Middle East.

“Everybody should hold onto their seats. October is going to be the turning point when it comes to the progressive fight back. You can see it coming,” Jones said this week on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” with Lawrence O’Donnell.


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