Obama gets shitty with a pervasive “for profits” industry.

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Read all about it from Charlie Davis.  Also, see Jeralyn on how Obama shatters campaign promises.

I’d like to point out that the cannabinoid  receptor is amoral, at best, and physiologically essential, at least.

In recent years, it has been strongly implicated in the canonical fast inhibitory feedback of the HPA (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal) axis.  

In English, when you become stressed, your brain pumps out stress messengers to alert your kidney-associated glands to produce a massive stress response on demand.  The powerful, powerful molecule produced (compound F, in humans, also known as cortisone (Kendall’s compound E)), goes straight to the brain, and makes animals do crazy, crazy shit if left over-pumped and unchecked (See for yourself: it’s coming to theatre near you soon!).  

Fortunately, the endocrine system is designed to shut itself off (under normal stress conditions; again, coming to a theatre of the mind near you!).  It’s like a box with a button:  When you push the button, a hand comes out in order to push the button to retract the hand and close the lid again.  

No, wait, evolution is not that stupid.  A lot of crazy and worthwhile shit happens in between button-pushings.  Unlike politics, apparently, button-pushing is NOT the main goal of the endocrine system.  However, it’s important to turn the system OFF, lest it run in undesirable directions (see your theatre’s listings!).  The cannabinoid receptor is the fast shut-off switch, quite literally, for the stress system, and probably the political system, as well.

I could write a fucking book on the subject.  Oh, wait: I fucking DID!

A more-intelligent-than-me brother-like person, who, unlike Richard Feynman, somehow failed to inherit my genes for smoking and drinking and bongos, etc., last night expressed to me his utter contempt for the Obama administration’s  (and government-in-general’s) effrontery in fiddling with people where it has no fucking business, much less knowledge.  Technocrats my ass.  These people are fucking stupid.

GET OFF ME!  And enforce some actual meaningful fucking laws!  Can Eric Holder fog a fucking mirror?  We more or less concluded.  We are the 99%.

We concluded that the administration were either protecting Pharma’s patents on synthetic cannabinoids or protecting the banks’ drug cartel money laundering.  We all know who Obama is, at this point.  Not just the 99%, but the whole 100% know who Obama is.  We are the knowledgeable, and we are watching every fucking move.

Perhaps the Constitutional-Interpreter-in-Chief whose non-existent scholarly writings can only be interpreted through his apparently fuck-all knowledge of post-Dark Age scholarship on “human freedoms” should shut the fuck up about the doctor-prescribed and self-administered medicine in primates, on whom (dare we say?) I could also write a fucking book.  

Politics: It’s a pervasive for-profit industry.


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  1. even though I haven’t smoked a joint in eons.  Someone light me up.

  2. who grew the best, safest, and most perfectly dose-dependent mushrooms ever?

    I do.

    Her interest was not even in taking them or selling them.    She was just “curious” and “skilled.”  She used me as her human guinea pig.

    Beginning at about “45 minutes,” after three tiny shrooms, no more, no less, I felt so used.

    • TMC on October 9, 2011 at 07:19

    he said unless you had used psychedelics you couldn’t really understand him

    • banger on October 9, 2011 at 21:49

    She couldn’t understand it–I told her that the liquor industry tends to fund anti-pot opposition to any kind of legislation. She found that hard to believe–she kept saying that they went together. They don’t really.

    This administration has managed to move to the left of social-democracy or even socialism/communism into something quite different. Clearly, we are well past the tipping point where government has become, almost purely, an organization that caters to the oligarchy exclusively. It is mainly a hindrance to most of us and only marginally useful in a few small areas.

    We are in a stage where we must build our own lives as independent of major institutions as possible. The Feds must be resisted everywhere as much as I hate to say it. I think the right-wingers in their stunningly destructive attitudes and deeds may be helping us all–without meaning to.

  3. I have to wonder about alternative news not reporting more on the Mexican drug wars.  Yes, I know this may seem wildly off topic but what is up with destabilizing our southern border.


    • pfiore8 on October 10, 2011 at 15:22

    you did… you are too cool, CF.


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