Never say “yes” to a psychopath.

We were lied into war before.


By this dude.  And dudes before him.  

These are nasty fucking people, completely unperturbed by their heinous pathologies.  In short, psychopaths.

Never say “yes” to a psychopath.  


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  1. Not that I needed it, by a long-shot.

  2. As a centrist D, he doesn’t tweak my guts.  But if he really needs his daughter to explain OWS to him…


    Nah, I don’t believe he really needs that.  I suppose he’ll just have to sit on his hands in response.

    I could be totally fucking wrong, as usual.

    What I’m NOT wrong about is the impending cascade of freezing credit.


    because look at the options:


    Best of luck, folks.

  3. survivalist bunker you can’t afford anymore.  Tell me about it.

    Mother is sociopath.

    Mother in laws are sociopaths.

    All commercial media in English language is sociopath on top of being instrument of social engineering project.

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