Fawke ’em – Occupy Wall Street Saturday 10.29.11

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**Hactivist group #anonymous downs Californian police site after violence(10.28.11)***

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**PARTICIPATE TODAY: Occupy Against Big Food

Saturday Oct 29, 1:00PM – Zuccotti Park

PARTICIPATE SUNDAY OCT 30: Climate Justice Day

Sunday Oct 30, 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM – Liberty Plaza; Throughout Liberty Plaza and beyond



PARTICIPATE NOV 25 (& throughout the holiday season): OCCUPY BLACK FRIDAY

Let’s take a day that is all about consumption and make it our own, and let’s make it loud and clear that we will not support the corporations that destroyed our economy and undermined our Republic.Instead of a “Buy Nothing Day” we’ll have a “Buy Local Day.” Instead of buying a bunch of useless crap, let’s instead go out and help the poor. Volunteer at soup kitchens and host toy drives and do the other charitable things that the government refuses to do. A season of giving instead of a season of buying.


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An outdoor billboard in New York, NY   20,000+ VOTES = 1 FREE GIGANTIC BILLBOARD.


The 1% have addresses. The 99% have messages.

PARTICIPATE TODAY: Occupy Their Mailboxes The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword


PARTICIPATE WHEN YOU SHOP Sustainable Connections

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***SIGN PETITION: ACLU: Stop excessive police force in Oakland

Tear Gas. Rubber Bullets. Bean Bag Guns. Flash Grenades.

Reports keep coming in of extreme force by Oakland Police in dealing with Occupy demonstrations. As tensions rise in the Occupy movements in Oakland and around the state and the nation, we need to let police departments know that excessive force is not acceptable.

What happened in Oakland impacts all of us

Read more about it HERE

***SIGN PETITION: Democracy In Action: People of faith say no to attacks on Occupy Wall Street

As people of faith, we condemn all violence and repression targeting the Occupy Wall Street movement. In communities across America, occupiers are providing a peaceful witness against corporate greed and economic injustice. We call on local authorities to respect their freedom of expression.

(for more info on these & many others go HERE & look under “Petitions”)

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Occupy Wall Street Survey

Scheduled Events at OWS in NYC

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*Recognition of Oppression Across Occupations – ‘An injury to one is an injury to all’

MINUTES: Occupy Movement National Conference Call: Monday, October 24th

Occupy Together is working with Take the Square to build HowToOccupy/HowToCamp

Designed in order to promote the methods, techniques and knowledges on taking the square. We want to establish a global network which is able to offer to global public the necessary tools of rising up. We are in the beginning and our project will depend of everybody. We plan to install more features to this platform soon, as we develop and unite. Be welcome, let’s make it together!

Reader Supported News: OWS Organizers Blast MoveOn (10.15.11)

First Declaration of the Occupation of New York City 09.29.11


please excuse any repeated listings.



*OccupyThePlanet: How The Right is Trying to Smear The Service of Scott Olsen with his own website(10.28.11)

*OccupyMarines Call For Quan’s Resignation (10.29.11)

BusinessInsider: Linette Lopez and Robert Johnson: OccupyMARINES Could Be Looking For This Oakland Police Officer (10.28.11)

BusinessInsider: Robert Johnson and Linette Lopez: Marine Scott Olsen Will Undergo Brain Surgery, And OccupyMARINES Are Making Demands(10.28.11)

BusinessInsider: Robert Johnson and Linette Lopez: Marine Says Oakland Used Crowd Control Methods That Are Prohibited In War Zones(10.28.11)

BusinessInsider: Linette Lopez and Robert Johnson: And Now Injured Veteran Scott Olsen Has His Own Facebook Page (And That’s Really Just The Beginning)

EastBayExpress: Robert Gammon: Jean Quan Still Doesn’t Get It (10.28.11)

Nation of Change: John Nichols: How the Wounding of a Vet Who Dared to Dissent Has Stirred More Dissent (10.28.11)

“In cities across the United States and around the world, ‘We Are Scott Olsen’ vigils, rallies and marches were held.”

RawStory: Egyptians march in solidarity with ‘Occupy Oakland’ (10.28.11)

PoliticusUSA: Ray Medeiros: The Right Launches A Smear Campaign Against Occupy Oakland’s Scott Olsen (10.28.11)

The Gateway Pundit is the go to site for the extreme ideological right wing. It also has the journalistic integrity of North Korea.

Nation of Change: Bruce Paul: Liberate Oakland General Strike and Mass Day of Action (10.28.11)

“1607 people voted. 1484 voted in favor of the resolution, 77 abstained and 46 voted against it, passing the proposal at 96.9%. The General Assembly operates on a modified consensus process that passes proposals with 90% in favor and with abstaining votes removed from the final count.”

RawStory: Doctors: Scott Olsen suffered brain damage and is unable to speak (10.28.11)

Reuters: Peter Henderson: Veteran injured in Oakland “Occupy” protest awake(Thu Oct 27, 2011 9:59pm EDT)

Guardian: Andrew Gumbel in Oakland, Adam Gabbatt and Ewen MacAskill: Occupy Oakland protester Scott Olsen to undergo brain surgery (10.27.11)

Olsen’s condition upgraded from serious to fair after an incident that has prompted calls for Oakland mayor’s resignation

Guardian: Angela Woodall: Occupy policing blunder opens rifts in Oakland city hall (10.27.11)

Fallout from Tuesday’s heavyhanded police operation against Occupy Oakland may cost both mayor and police chief their jobs

Huffington Post: Nishat Kurwa: Oakland Chief Denies Use Of Rubber Bullets, Dowels  (10.27.11)

*InTheseTimes: David Moberg: Working America Nurtures Working Class Support for ‘Occupy’ Aims (10.28.11)

Every week organizers from the AFL-CIO’s community affiliate-the 3-million member Working America-knock on doors of about 20,000 households, most of them in predominately white, working-class suburbs.  The people the canvassers meet are not the sort most likely to join an Occupy Wall Street encampment in their home city. But according to Working America Executive Director Karen Nussbaum, they have been quite sympathetic to the message of the protesters

*RawStory: Andrew Jones: DOJ officially retracts ‘$16 dollar a muffin’ story (10.29.11)

(h/t timbuk3… & OMG. if you don’t read anything else today READ THIS)

TheAwl: Lili Loofbourow: The Livestream Ended: How I Got Off My Computer And Onto The Street At Occupy Oakland (10.28.11)

MLive: Garrett Ellison: Would Jesus Occupy? Fountain Street Church says yes and backs movement heartily (10.28.11)

If Jesus were here today, would he be among those hoisting a sign as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement? The Rev. Fred Wooden thinks so.

FreeTimes: Corey Hutchins: The Occupation Will Be Televised (10.26.11)

RollingStone: Matt Taibbi: Another Weapon for OWS: Pull Your Money Out of BofA (10.28.11)

Business Insider: Caitlin E. Curran, Gawker: Joining Occupy Wall Street Cost Me My Job(10.28.11)

Business Insider: Linette Lopez and Robert Johnson: Bloomberg Calls In The FDNY For His Most Creative Attempt To Get Rid of Occupy Wall Street Yet(10.28.11)

Business Insider: Linette Lopez and Daniel Goodman: We’ve Seen A Lot Of Protests, But Occupy Wall Street’s March On Bank Of America Was By Far The Most Hilarious(10.28.11)

WSVN: Occupy Miami marches on banks (10.28.11)

AlterNet: Erika Eichelberger: Occupy Wall Street Doctors: MDs for Social Justice Join Protest In Liberty Square(10.27.11)

“Health care is a human right,” say progressive doctors fighting for social change.

BBC: ‘Unequal’ US sees Occupy Wall Street clashes (10.27.11)

Income inequality in the US has sharply increased in recent decades, a bipartisan analysis has revealed.

Mediaite: James Crugnale: Conservative Filmmaker Allegedly Passes Out Bongs To Occupy Wall Street Protesters

NYBooks: Jeff Madrick and Frank Partnoy: Should Some Bankers Be Prosecuted? (November 10, 2011)

RawStory: ‘Anonymous’ vows to ‘destroy’ Fox News website on Nov. 5th (10.26.11)

“Remember, remember the 5th of November

AtlanticWire: Erik Hayden: A New York Police Union Threatens to Sue Protesters (10.28.11)

Huffington Post: Matt Sledge: FDNY And NYPD Remove Occupy Wall Street Generators; Protesters Charge Political Motivation(10.28.11)

Reuters: John Wasik: Five ways income inequality happened, and will continue (10.28.11)

As if on cue for an Occupy Wall Street commercial, the latest Congressional Budget Office report highlighted the large crevasse between the upper 1 percent of U.S. households and the rest of us.

Nation of Change: Richard Eskow: The Rich Keep Getting Richer (10.28.11)

“The clip of a conversation which provides even more data on the explosion of wealth at the very top of the scale, the injustices driving Occupy Wall Street, and where we go from here.”

Nation of Change: Robert Scheer: Thirty Years of Unleashed Greed (10.28.11)

“Those three decades of rampant upper-crust greed unleashed by the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s will be well marked by future historians recording the death of the American dream.”

Nation of Change: Goldman Sachs and Occupy Wall Street’s Bank – The Real Story (10.28.11)

OccupySydney: Atlantic Wire: Banks Are Pretty Worried About Tomorrow’s Occupy Wall Street March (10.27.11)

Major banks — located not on Wall Street but in midtown Manhattan — are worried about a planned Occupy Wall Street march to their headquarters tomorrow.

EnergyBulletin: Chip Ward: Occupy Earth: nature is the 99%, too

Someone Got Rich and Someone Got Sick

(see also:)

Antemedius: Tom Engelhardt (10.28.1)

RawStory: Eric W. Dolan: Michael Moore responds to ‘hypocrisy’ criticism for supporting ‘Occupy’ protests (10.27.11)

DKos: Robert Greenwald: Meet the 0.01 Percent: War Profiteers+ (10.27.11)

Nation Of Change: Jim Lobe: New Inequality Data Likely to Boost “Occupy” Movement(10.27.11)

“The sense that most of us have been ignored by those in charge of economic policy is totally justified,” said EPI economist and co- author of the report, Josh Bivens. “And I think it is what is driving the energy of the Occupy Wall Street campaign.”

Nation Of Change: Bank Transfer Day – A Guide to Closing Your Account (10.27.11)

“Bank Transfer Day is gaining some serious steam. Although it’s not technically affiliated with Occupy, it’s being embraced by the movement and is the first specific call to action since the Occupy protests began.”



BBC: St Paul’s protest: Canon Chancellor Giles Fraser quits (10.27.11)

The Church of England should do nothing which could “lead to violence” against anti-capitalism protesters, the canon chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral has said after resigning from his post

BusinessInsider: Rick Jardine: ST PAUL’S CHANCELLOR: I Could Imagine Jesus Being Born In The Occupy London Camp (10.27.11)

Guardian: LIVE BLOG of OCCUPY LSX(10.27.11)

Guardian: Alan Rusbridger: Canon of St Paul’s: church cannot answer peaceful protest with violence(10.27.11)

In his first interview since his resignation, the Reverend Giles Fraser says he was unable to reconcile his conscience with the breakup of the Occupy London camp


OccupyAukland: First Issue of THE PEOPLEs RAG (**PDF**)

Rogan Boyle and Simon Oosterman on #OccupyWallSt and Occupy Auckland (10.27.11)

*Occupy/Occupons Ottawa Press Release: Friday, October 28, 2011

*TIME: Ishaan Tharoor: Straight Out of Cairo: Tahrir Square Shows Solidarity with Occupy Oakland (10.28.11)

RawStory: Greek protesters block annual military parade (10.28.11)

Guardian: Euro bailout – an animated explanation (10.28.11)

Are you confused about what the Euro bailout actually is? So were we! Tom Meltzer tries to explain with the help of his animated friends

***The Occupied Times of London (online newspaper)


*NYT Opinion: What the Costumes Reveal (10.29.11)

“I can’t tell you how people dressed for this year’s party, but I can tell you about last year’s.  In an e-mail, she said that she wanted me to see them because they showed an appalling lack of compassion toward the homeowners – invariably poor and down on their luck – that the Baum firm had brought foreclosure proceedings against.”

(these next 3 are vaguely related & scare the Fawke out of me)

Seattle Times: Colleen Long: Kelly: NYPD wouldn’t decide on own to shoot plane  (10.28.11)

In his first remarks about an attention-grabbing claim that police had the means to shoot down a terrorist plane, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Wednesday that the department could arm helicopters with .50-caliber guns to fire at small aircraft, not a commercial airliner

SeattleTimes: Samantha Gross: NYC officials want more oversight over NYPD spying

Some New York City officials say they need more control over the New York Police Department after being left in the dark about programs that subjected entire Muslim neighborhoods to surveillance and scrutiny

Seattle Times: Tom Hays & Colleen Long: NYPD corruption indictments to be unsealed (1027.11)

An indictment charging 16 New York City police officers and five others will be unsealed Friday, following a lengthy investigation into allegations of police corruption that stemmed from a low-profile wiretap of one officer suspected of having ties to a drug dealer, prosecutors and people familiar with the case said.

BBC: Fraudster Bernard Madoff and wife ‘attempted suicide’

Nation of Change: Travis Waldron: House GOPs Job Creating Spending Cuts Destryed 370,000 Jobs (10.28.11)

“Crunched by the recession and budget cuts, state and local governments shed more than 200,000 jobs in 2010 alone.”

Matthew Ingram: Looks like Congress has declared war on the internet (10.27.11)



A Prayer For Peace and Change

Media Contact List

RawStory: Muriel Kane: Tennessee judge orders Occupy Nashville protesters released(10.28.11)

StarTribune: Randy Furst: Woman thanks Occupy MN protesters for winning eviction delay (10.26.11)

DemocracyNOW: Department of Interior Places 20-Year Moratorium on Uranium Mining in Southwest (10.27.11)

Made in USA Products Directory


@OccupySaltLake Occupy Salt Lake

Does anyone remember that when a company was too big too fail it was called a monopoly an broken up by the government? What happened?

40 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone  (10.29.11 12:07pmEDT)

@WeOccupyAmerica We Occupy America

RT @der_bluthund “The CIA owns everyone of significance in the major media” Former CIA Director William Colby

32 minutes ago via Progressive Action (10.29.11 noon EDT)


You knew this would happen. You cannot eliminate the middle class and expect quiet resolution. #occupyoakland

26 Oct via Twitter for iPhone

@SenatorSanders Bernie Sanders

Exxon made $19 billion in profits in 2009, paid no federal income taxes and received a $156 million rebate from the IRS. #ows #occupy

Oct 26


@kgosztola Kevin Gosztola

When media calls what is happening w/ @occupyoakland “riots,” remember this is city’s & OPD’s fault. Things were peaceful up to now. #OWS

25 Oct via web

From Facebook:

Occupy Spain:  Send messages of support to Scott Olsen or Olson 1411 East 31st Street Oakland, CA 94602 (Served many tours in IRAQ. In surgery now because he was shot in the head with a rubber bullet, by the Oakland PD)

46 minutes ago (10.27.11  10:15pmEDT)

       Za Rizi: solidarity from northern malaysia

       42 minutes ago ยท (10.27.11  10:19pmEDT)


@OccupyRaleigh Occupy Raleigh

The @NCDOA tweeted this release at 1pm, giving protesters exactly 2 hours to comply or be arrested. LINK #ows #occupyraleigh

9 minutes ago via TweetDeck


@blogdiva Liza Sabater

<333 RT @OpWallStreet: #OccupyAlabama #OWS : OccupyNashville: For Second Time, Judge Dismisses Charges Against Arrested Occupiers

19 minutes ago via TweetDeck  (10.29.11 12:40pmEDT)

@billhobbs Bill Hobbs

If Tennessee can spare 72 troopers to hassle #OccupyNashville, we either have very low crime in TN, or too many troopers on the payroll.

55 minutes ago via web  (10.29.11 11:30amEDT)

@OccupyNashville Occupy Nashville

THP is out in full force on the plaza. A few protesters were face down on the ground before being shoved into…

12 minutes ago via Facebook (10.29.11 1:36am EDT)

@OccupyNashville Occupy Nashville

The arrest have started!

17 minutes ago via Facebook  (10.29.11 1:31am EDT)


@OccupyMaine OccupyMaine

#OccupyBangor needs your help! They are being threatened with eviction at 10pm tonight. http://t.co/XuSQ6G2S #occupymaine #occupyaugusta

1 hour ago via web  (10.29.11 11:30amEDT)


@OccupyMN OccupyMN

March now on Nicollet! livestream.com/occupymn

2 minutes ago (10.29.11 1:05pmEDT)


@OccupyLSX OccupyLSX

RT @debzybee A Rabbi, priests, anarchists and even a nun…! @OccupyLSX sermon on the steps displaying some seriously impressive diversity!

19 minutes ago via Plume  (10.29.11 12:45pmEDT)

@timeoutcorner Andrew McInnes

Remember, remember, the 5th of November, Mortgage fraud, treason, & plot. I see no reason why mortgage fraud, treason, Should ever be forgot

11 hours ago via TweetDeck  (10.29.11 12:10amEDT)

@kgosztola Kevin Gosztola

#OWS is not going to get in the business of helping two major US political parties further rig system. They aren’t a #GOTV movement.

9 minutes ago via web   (10.16.11  7:51pmEDT)

OccupyEarth Occupy Earth

We #OccupyEarth and we claim the right to protect our land from unsustainable interests. #globalchange #tomalacalle15o #Oct15 #takewallst

2 minutes ago  (10.12.11 appx 9:45pm EDT)

@OccupyPeoria OccupyPeoria

We’re not the left. We’re not the right. We are the bottom and we’re coming up. #ows #occupychi #occupypeoria #occupyamerica #occupyearth

8 Oct via web (9:45amEDT)

OccupyWallSt Occupy Wall Street

Organizations and politicians are supporting us but they are not sponsoring us #ows

about 3 hours ago (10.08.11 appx 8:20am EDT)

OpWallStreet #OccupyAmerica

by OccupyWallSt

To those who are worried about #OWS becoming co-opted by partisan politics, DONT WORRY. #OccupyWallStreet by design cant be controlled.

9 hours ago  (10.06.11 appx 2am EDT)



CRYPTOME: Occupy Oakland Photos


*Free Hugs Action Team

Guardian: Occupy Together Flickr Gallery

Guardian: Occupy Everywhere: geotagged photos of demonstrations and events of the global movement

We are the 99%



A Message to All Police Officers From Occupy Wall Street Mike Ruppert


Danny Glover is Brilliant!


OWS updates from Young Turks


CBS LosAngeles: Protesters Start Occupy Police Movement To Shed Light On Brutality

The Occupy Wall Street Movement allied themselves with a group speaking out about police brutality. Suzie Suh reports.

RT: Economic Hitman reveals shocking truths about the Government

Economist and writer John Perkins was deeply involved in Washington’s economic schemes to create a global empire. Now he tells RT what’s come out of it – and who really controls the world’s biggest economy.

Message from Anonymous (w/transcript)

Charlotte Pritt, WV Senator, supports OWS

A Joke Among Dissidents

Slavoj Zizek tells a joke about Soviet Russia and how critical Leftists should act.

JourneyManPictures: Occupy Wall Street – USA

TED: Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies


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