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Dear Friends,

Urgent — tomorrow at 7 am, the New York City police plan to evict the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The only way to stop the eviction is a roaring outcry to New York’s billionaire mayor, Mike Bloomberg, and to the owners of the protest park. We must show them that their global reputations are on the line.

Let’s flood their offices with phone calls! Avaaz will tell the media about the numbers of calls made, multiplying their impact on the public image of Bloomberg and Richard B. Clark — the CEO of the company that owns the park. If enough of us call now, we could turn the tide and stop the eviction–but only hours are left!

Call the Mayor and Brookfield Properties Here:

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg: +1-212-NEW-YORK (639-9675)

Brookfield CEO Richard Clark: +1-212-417-7063

Brookfield US headquarters: +1-212-417-7000

Brookfield Canada headquarters: +1-416-369-2300

Brookfield Australia headquarters: +61-2-9322-2000

After calling, post a message about how the call went — to help Avaaz count the number of calls made, and demonstrate the wave of worldwide support for the protesters.


Suggestions for your call:

–Say that you have a message for Brookfield CEO Richard Clark or NYC Mayor Bloomberg –(depending on who you are calling)

–Stop the eviction of Zuccotti Park

–We have a constitutional right to protest.

–This is one of the biggest shows of public outrage in decades and these people represent hundreds of thousands across the world who stand with the protesters and the movement for real democracy.

–The protesters are cleaning up the park, keeping it clean and safe


We can help make sure the thousands of protesters rights to freedom of speech and assembly are respected by calling Billionare Bloomberg and Brookfield. Forward to everyone!

Emma, Morgan, Maria Paz, Alice, Ben, Rewan and the whole Avaaz team


Occupy Wall Street protesters fear eviction from park


Update: Occupy Wall Street Responds to Bloomberg’s Cleaning ‘Eviction Notice’


AND, in case you have not seen RiaD’s current OWS diary, she has these listings for action!



Prevent the forcible closure of Occupy Wall Street!

1) Call 311 and tell Bloomberg to support our right to assemble and to not interfere with #OWS. If you are calling from outside NY use this number 212-NEW-YORK.

2) Come to #OWS on FRIDAY AT 6AM to defend the occupation from eviction.


At 7 a.m. tomorrow Mayor Bloomberg will effectively evict the Occupy Wall Street protesters from their home in Zuccotti Park.

We have less than 24 hours to stop it.

We need a national groundswell immediately in defense of the protesters, so we can deliver a massive petition to City Hall and Zuccotti Park tonight.

Sign the petition in defense of the protesters and their First Amendment rights and then spread the word to everyone you know.

A compiled petition with your individual comment will be presented to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

come firefly-dreaming with me..&..do no harm


by: RiaD @ Thu Oct 13, 2011 at 13:09:12 PDT

ek hornbeck-

Consider also the following posts-

Liberally Independent: The Electeds are Getting Nervous

By Joyce Arnold, Taylor Marsh, on 13 October 2011


URGENT: OccupyWallStreet to be evicted from Zuccotti Park on Friday. Action needed

Posted on October 13, 2011 by riverdaughter, The Confluence

Both repeat the call for activists to arrive by midnight et


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  1. I tried calling Mayor Bloomberg’s office earlier, waited and waited and waited and finally connected with garbage collection information (hmmmm), then music came on and more waiting . . . . I’ve heard the lines are jammed.

    Next, I called Richard Clark’s office, got his voice mail, and urged him and Mayor Bloomberg not to evict the protestors, that they were not there by accident, that they and all had been driven there because of all the economic inequality/injustices and the social injustices and their social rights, and that they were exhibiting their First Amendment Rights.  Etc., etc., etc.  

    Note:  Avaaz is International and it is heartening to see the thousands from around the world who have taken action and show their support of the Occupy Wall Street protestors!

  2. I hope with all that we can prevent this disgusting move by the Mayor and the owner of the park.  Anything to do with J.P. Morgan Chase’s contribution to the NYPD, you think?  Maybe, or just plain evil to attempt to thwart TRUTH?

  3. (click on the logo for Petition)

  4. thank you for those two links you included in the Call for Action — really, really despicable stuff . . . . .!

    Yes, I do believe, as does Joyce Arnold, Taylor Marsh, the “Indians are getting restless!” without any intent to slander our real forefathers.  

    The phone number for Mayor Bloomberg is either “jigged” or just a bad one.  I briefly explained what I went through — hundreds of thousands of others had the same experience (including hearing about garbage collection, note Avaaz comments).  (Weird stuff!  I did read about much garbage and even saw a picture of it, which looked to me to be well bagged, etc., but was stacking up all over the place (a British site . . . Daily Mail, or some such — see RiaD’s links), but I don’t understand — is NO one responsible for picking it up?  I’ve digressed, but the phone call triggered that thought!

    From Mayor Bloomberg’s website:

    You may contact me directly by writing, calling, faxing or e-mailing:

    Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

    City Hall

    New York, NY 10007

    PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)

    FAX (212) 312-0700



    I hope you will visit NYC.gov regularly as we continue to update the site with information about new happenings throughout New York City.

  5. If you’re near GO THERE.

    Get arrested for bringing a sleeping bag.

    What statute is that again?

  6. they’re going to clear that out too. Pretty obvious what’s going on, Huh? But I’m glad they caught a bad guy who was going to assassinate the Saudi ambassador with the help of a Mexican drug gang, Che, an Iranian mullah, and of course the FBI. All I can say is psychofuckadellic–

  7. healed?  

    Just received from dharmasyd, the following:

    Wild card in Wall Street endgame: Bloomberg’s girlfriend

    The mayor’s longtime partner sits on the board of the company that owns the park where occupiers are camped out

    Topics:Occupy Wall Street, Michael Bloomberg

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s longtime girlfriend sits on the board of the company that owns the park where Occupy Wall Street protesters are camped out, and the NYPD is on the record saying that it’s the company’s call how long the protesters get to stay.

    In other words, Bloomberg himself not only controls the NYPD, but also has a hand on the levers of power at Brookfield Properties, the huge real estate firm that owns Zuccoti Park (aka Liberty Square).

    Bloomberg’s girlfriend is Diana Taylor, a former state banking official who is now an executive at the investment firm Wolfensohn & Co. She has for years been the unofficial first lady of New York. She is also on the board of Brookfield. . . . .

    Wealth has a close-knit web!

  8. Yes, We Have a Permit to Occupy

    U.S. Hypocrisy about Occupations

    This morning, Occupy Wall Street protesters celebrated when New York authorities beat a last-minute retreat from clearing Liberty Plaza – as hundreds of labor and other activists rushed to defend the square.

    But at the same time this morning, dozens of state troopers in riot gear cleared out Occupy Denver protests. In cities across the country, Occupy protesters have faced police violence, arrests and forcible removal.

    The authorities say we don’t have the proper permits to occupy public spaces.

    Our permit to occupy is the First Amendment.

    Sign the following statement (click on the logo for the statement) and spread the message and video:

    Everyone, please sign this appeal right away and be sure to watch the dynamite video “I’m Not Moving!”

  9. by Paul Mutter, entitled “Bloomberg Didn’t Evict Occupy Wall Street!” Demonstrators Cheer, may have been the letter that turned the tide with respect to “eviction” of the OWS protestors.

    The letter emanates from the Center for Constitutional Rights — the CCR always does us proud!

    On Behalf of Occupy Wall Street Protestors: Letter to the CEO of Brookfield Office Properties

    On behalf of Occupy Wall Street protestors, a group of New York civil liberties lawyers has issued the following letter to the CEO of Brookfield Office Properties, who recently requested NYPD intervention at Liberty Park, where protestors have been stationed for weeks.  The park is scheduled to be cleared “for cleaning” tomorrow morning, October 14.  Occupy Wall Street has issued a city-wide call to action to oppose the clearing.

    Liberty Park Legal Working Group

    c/o 299 Broadway, Suite 806

    New York, NY 10007

    October 13, 2011

    BY FAX TO 212-417-7272

    Richard B. Clark

    Chief Executive Officer

    Brookfield Office Properties

    Brookfield Global Real Estate

    Three World Financial Center

    New York, NY  10281-1021

    Re: Liberty Park

    Dear Mr. Clark:

                Attorneys associated with the National Lawyers Guild-New York City Chapter have been asked to represent the Sanitation Working Group, one of the several autonomous working groups formed and operated by people who have been occupying Liberty Park.  We are in receipt of a copy of your letter to New York City Police Department Commissioner Raymond Kelly requesting police intervention and outlining your concerns about cleaning and maintenance of Liberty Park.

                The enforcement action you are requesting raises serious First Amendment and other legal concerns. Under the guise of cleaning the Park you are threatening fundamental constitutional rights. There is no basis in the law for your request for police intervention, nor have you cited any. Such police action without a prior court order would be unconstitutional.

               The Sanitation Working Group has been addressing the concerns in your letter all along. Beyond that, it has committed itself to carrying out a thorough and complete cleaning and to addressing all the issues related to sanitation raised in your letter.  The Working Group welcomes representatives of Brookfield to view the cleaning process and its results.

               Our investigation has revealed that no permanent structures have been erected within the Park, nor have any actions been taken to damage the Park, its plantings or other amenities. Your letter raises concerns about potential water infiltration of the Park’s underground lighting and electrical hazards. However, based on a visual inspection recently conducted by our clients, there has been no damage to the lenses covering the underground lighting and thus there is no risk of water infiltration. Additionally, it is our understanding that there has been no electricity running in said fixtures for weeks now. Therefore, there is no risk of electrical hazard.

               The Working Group will continue to bag and haul trash on a tight schedule.  Trash has consistently been bagged and hauled to established collection points and recycling rules have been strictly adhered to. The Working Group has been using primarily 50 gallon, 3mil. thickness contactor bags. Additionally, the Working Group typically has had between one and fifteen people sweeping the Park with brooms at any given time.

    The Sanitation Working Group has informed us that the following activities are being carried out to further address these issues:

    1.     All hard surfaces within the Park, are being scrubbed and/or polished;

    2.     Garbage removal will be stepped up;

    3.     Every item resting on the ground will be removed to allow for thorough cleaning; and

    4.     Power washing will be employed where appropriate  or possible          

               Our clients are willing to sit down with you to resolve any of your concerns. They want to negotiate in good faith. Our clients agree to address any reasonable issues of sanitation safety and access and would like to prevent these issues from creating a pretext for police action in violation of our client’s First Amendment rights to utilize the Park. If you nonetheless decide to proceed with your request for police action, prior court approval is required.

                Please feel free to call Ms. Ratner Kunstler at 917-331-8012 or Mr. Oliver at 646-263-3495 to discuss these matters. We look forward to hearing from you this evening.

                                                                           Very truly yours,


                                                                           Margaret Ratner Kunstler

                                                                           Gideon Orion Oliver

                                                                           Yetta G. Kurland

                                                                           Sarah Kunstler

                                                                           Martin R. Stolar

                                                                           Bruce K. Bentley

                                                                           Janos Marton

                                                                           Michael Ratner

    cc:    Mayor Michael Bloomberg

            NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly

            Corporation Counsel Michael Cardozo, Esq

    The Center for Constitutional Rights is dedicated to advancing and protecting the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Founded in 1966 by attorneys who represented civil rights movements in the South, CCR is a non-profit legal and educational organization committed to the creative use of law as a positive force for social change.


  10. It’s on the coast highway. There was news that there would be some people on a fairly well known intersection. 50 or so people was the pediction. I got there at 1:00, and within 30 minutes there were between 300 and 400 people.

    But the best thing that happened were the many cars and trucks that went by honking and people raising their fists out of their cars. And we’re talking hundreds upon hundreds of cars. Protesting and chanting felt good. The average age was around 40 yrs. old. A heck of a lot of older people like me. Hopefully we can keep this thing going.  

  11. to SUPPORT occupy L.A.! They’re waiting to see if the Mayor

    concurs. This is the place where my political/social

    consciousness was formed, walking the precincts for Stevenson and fighting for civil rights. However, I really hate visiting there. Way too crowded.

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