October 31, 2011 archive

Snow before Halloween

I did not do our annual family tradition of extravagant decorations for the town’s pumpkin festival.  I was not there.  I was not having fun but instead vying for survival in my now lost status of normal middle class American.  It hurt alot.

Part of it I can attibute to the Satanic Building Code 8th Edition which btw is based upon the “International”  Building code which is not actually very “International” but rather a more Korporate scheme of centralized power.

Those “illegalities” of inlaw apartments, multi-family dwellings without extensive expensive “code updates” in order to “comply” with insurance company payout saving options/mandates.

Down and desperate these days with real new themes emerging on the Fifth Veil front.

Who bought the Rossi’s new power source?


If I wanted a flu shot I might get one IF I was medically insured/included in the medical surveillance network.   Company uses “temp” help instead.


Here is to world peace, believe it or not I guess.


Dumbed down media.  Speaking of dumbed down/propaganda network/subliminal suggestion cultural control Matrix style media Project Censored’s 2012 is out.

Check out number nine.


Here is one.

Veterans with AR15s defend occupy Phoenix?

OOOHHH look CBS is featuring and interview with Mrs Madoff.


“This youtube removed by request of Korporate Media”.

Guess we will never know!

Lamestream candidate Herman Cain heckled by Ron Paul supporters.


It is after all Overton’s window at work in the manufactured cultural world.  God forbid we should learn from the past or……

Oh, look, who is on Dancing with the Stars.


Anyway in my corner of suburban New England mini-McMansions only four inches of snow and power back on by 10 this morning.  I did have to remove a large tree branch resting on the powerlines near the roof but hey, we had no power.  Definitely not ready.  No batteries, flashlights and few candles.  Preparedness costs money and there are no work orders, zip, nada, nothing. No work order means no job but why might this be good news?  I work for, in, an MIC defense contractor.  Not much out there for “career change” 56 year olds and the vacuum of people development potential in a dominantly reptillian (military oriented) (David Icke, reptillian) culture amazes me.

Hey, the world didn’t end two days ago like it was supposed to. (The Mayan Oct 28,2011 is the real date crowd) nor did Israel and or “US” bomb Iran nor have I been called upon to mount the Apocalyptic Horses.  I have no idea why not but till the Zen out, manifest those perfect days stored from your memories of the past.  Project those to the future, keep your distance from the sociopaths and the world they want you to help them make.

It is of course a far longer story than I can elaborate in this venue.  Some surreal accelleration of time, Mayan end of the world theory wise.

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