US auto workers face historic struggle

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For a good look at the upcoming auto worker contract cuts talks and how the UAW looks to continue the betrayal of the workers who provide its very reason for being, read this article.

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US auto workers face historic struggle

Jerry White,

8 September 2011

On September 14 the four-year labor agreements covering 114,000 US auto workers at GM, Ford and Chrysler expire. Although the companies have raked in more than $7 billion in profits this year, they have made it clear that workers-who have not had a raise since 2003-will see no improvements in wages or working conditions.

On the contrary, with the full backing of the Obama administration and the United Auto Workers (UAW), the auto executives are pressing ahead with plans to drive out the remaining better-paid workers and create a low-paid, casualized workforce.


  1. in the struggle against the bosses and bankster frauds?  Or will the bureaucrats a the UAW continue to walk hand-in-hand with said bosses and bankster frauds?  It would be a profound strike for workers everywhere if the auto workers stand up for their fellow workers.  Of course, those at GM and Chrysler were sold out by the UAW and the Obama administration in being forced to sign a no-strike clause to get the bail-outs, so it may be up to Ford workers.

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