Silence For Troy Davis



As I write this, the Georgia authorities are killing Troy Davis. He was let down by the “justice” system. And the Supreme Court. And by those of us who are horrified when the state kills innocent people. There is nothing more to do or say. He is being killed. Please join me in 24 hours of silence in honor of his memory.


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    • davidseth on September 22, 2011 at 05:04
    • Diane G on September 22, 2011 at 14:34

  1. is much of an answer to anything, I’d say make some noise instead.

    I think the whole point of arbitrary state killings (like the Rosenbergs in the 1950s) is to create fear and silence.

    That’s why they do it.

    To prove that they can.

    Just like the torture of Bradley Manning isn’t about Bradley Manning- it’s a reminder to the rest of us, and very directly to those in the military who might speak out.

  2. …more than 24 hours, and I am reading this.  So I have not been in silence.  But, throughout my somewhat circumscribed activities, I have remained in a deep awareness, a deep and subdued awareness of our tragically limited human consciousness.

    It is beyond conceivability to me that human awareness can remain now, in this day and age, so far beneath anything which I believe to be acceptable.

    Yet, I will continue, with the limited energy I have left, to work for Troy Davis’ vision.

    I read Robert Scheer’s essay today.  He said he found it amazing to be still fighting this battle 50 years after he protested the killing of Caryl Chessman at San Quentin in 1960.  That was poignant for me, as that was also my first protest of the death penalty.  

    It is sad.  I’m now old and tired.  I will continue fighting this battle as well as as I can.  But I am so sad and sorry that it takes so long, this long.

    Ah People!  Please wake up!

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