Remembering 9/11: Con Job of the Century

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          The events that affected my soul in a direct way started in 1982 when America permitted the Israelis to invade Lebanon and the American Sixth Fleet helped them in that. This bombardment began and many were killed and injured and others were terrorised and displaced.

      I couldn’t forget those moving scenes, blood and severed limbs, women and children sprawled everywhere. Houses destroyed along with their occupants and high rises demolished over their residents, rockets raining down on our home without mercy.

          The situation was like a crocodile meeting a helpless child, powerless except for his screams. Does the crocodile understand a conversation that doesn’t include a weapon? And the whole world saw and heard but it didn’t respond.

          In those difficult moments many hard-to-describe ideas bubbled in my soul, but in the end they produced an intense feeling of rejection of tyranny, and gave birth to a strong resolve to punish the oppressors.

          And as I looked at those demolished towers in Lebanon, it entered my mind that we should punish the oppressor in kind and that we should destroy towers in America in order that they taste some of what we tasted and so that they be deterred from killing our women and children.

   — Osama bin Ladin, 01 November 2004

Enemies are necessary for the wheels of the U.S. military machine to turn

3000 major operations, and 10,000 minor operations… bloody and gory beyond comprehension… we have organized death squads in countries around the world… operation in Afghanistan – biggest single operation in the history of the CIA secret wars… we produced the golden crescent – the largest source of heroin in the world… we count at least – minimum figure – six million people who’ve been killed [by CIA ops] in this long 40 year war that we’ve waged against the people of the third world

— Former CIA Station Chief John Stockwell ( video)

John R. Stockwell is a former CIA officer who became a critic of United States government policies after serving in the Agency for thirteen years serving seven tours of duty. After managing U.S. involvement in the Angolan Civil War as Chief of the Angola Task Force during its 1975 covert operations, he resigned and wrote In Search of Enemies, a book which remains the only detailed, insider’s account of a major CIA “covert action.”

“Why do they hate us?”

“They hate us for our freedom”

The freedom to do sh*t like that to them…


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    • Edger on September 11, 2011 at 17:32

    What [no one] can seem to admit is that war used to be an aberration in the US, and peace the desired normative, and that 9/11 has created a new American Myth they refuse to challenge: Peace is a naive idea in “this” reality, and endless war, and the monies needed to sustain these wars, is now the norm. Perma-war is the way it is, the new myth says, and the way it always has to be.

    Worse? Somehow their childhood brainwashing, both left and right, highly educated and not, rich or poor has made them unable to even consider the unthinkable. You see, the new narrative reenforces the old. America never does anything bad, and would never ever harm her own citizens. Hence 9/11 must be accepted as “Bin Laden did it to us,” end of story.

    We have been infantilized. We are lost, hurting and refuse to believe the truth of who is hurting us.

    The Lost Children of 9/11

  1. That’s all.

  2. upon the “end” of the “Cold War”.  Yes, this kid is not old enough to recall the “Duck and Cover” generation.  Too young for Woodstock but old enough to have “excaped” Vietnam.  Oohh, look how one can now invest in the North Vietnamese tuna fishing industry but “we” can’t “vacation” in Cuba like the Germans can.

    Well, they did get fooled.  By the millions and they continue to get drawn into the very same era.  It is 1939 all over again.  The kids can even go to school to get a degree in Homeboy Assholianism.  It leaves me with thoughts, evil thoughts, die soon you piece of shit empire.

  3. stupefying. It sort of speaks for itself though. There’s not much to add. But I see it much more clearly the closer it gets. Presently, all I can do is watch with amazement.


  4. …for her poignant essay!  Thanks, DG, good work.

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