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    • TMC on September 22, 2011 at 00:34

    was filed by Troy’s lawyers

  1. On the same waive length.  Just previous to signing on here, I had sent the following to those on an e-mail list of mine (8:51 CST).  

    This has been a very rough evening for those of us who have been following Troy Davis and his “fate.”  Knowing whatever history you know about him and the entire “railroaded” attempts to execute him, while want of REAL evidence, an 11th hour appeal has been filed on his behalf to the Supreme Court in attempt to stay his execution.   WHEW!!!!!!    

    Amy Goodman, of Democracy Now, was there, in Georgia, covering this day and here is a video, with her guests, Robert Roos, the director of the NAACP Criminal Justice Program and  and Robert Rooks, the director of the NAACP’s Criminal Justice Program.   I urge everyone to view the video.

    This case is not only exemplary of what may happen to Troy Davis, an innocent man, but it is also demonstrative of the direction of this country en toto, . . . . . where innocents and others, who may have had a couple of joints on them, have been jailed for years, while the REAL criminals are off scott free — war criminals, Wall Street criminals, thieving outright the 401-k’s and/or pensions of Americans, etc. go on and on unabated, while ordinary Americans have had to PAY FOR IT ALL.   (Of course, the prison business is quite profitable, as most are now privatized and so much per head is paid out.  Cheney, a few years back, actually had a lawsuit against him concerning the death of an inmate in one of the prisons he had invested in.  Not surprisingly, that case dwindled down into nothingness. )

    At any rate, OUR fight for Troy Davis SHOULD NOT END NOW — it should continue full course.  I think, too, it would be good to continue to point out Georgia, as a State endorsing the death penalty and a legal system that is wanton.

    Did you know only 5 nations support the death penalty?   The U.S., Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and one other.

    Recall that George Bush intervened in the Terry Schiavo case on behalf of a brain-dead individual?   Obama did not offer “assistance” in this case, because as stated by his spokesman, it is a State affair and one over which he has no jurisdiction . . . . ”  Still, an utterance . . . . ?  Or, not wishing to seem prejudiced?

  2. Maybe Volf Blitzkreig will ask the candidates at the next

    debate their take on this. And Obama? Naw, it’s really not a constitutional issue; don’t have jurisdiction here; but in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan (and come to think of it, anywhere else)………


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