Rick Perry Will Be The Republican Nominee

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“If you want to live in a state that is favorable to smoking marijuana and gay marriage – then move to California,” — Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Zombie Mondale has entered the race!

Let’s face it, we’ve only got three serious candidates left in the opposition camp as it now stands — Bachmann, Romney, and now, Rick Perry. And pretty soon Bachmann won’t be able to be counted among those. Look, Newt Gingrich hasn’t been out of the single digits in months, ditto for Herman Cain, Ron Paul is too liberal, John Huntsman’s last supporter reregistered as a Democrat yesterday, Gary Johnson has now slipped below 1%, and I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who even knows Rick Santorum is running for President.

And of the three candidates who actually stand a chance in hell of winning? Romney is too moderate — or rather, he’s perceived as too moderate — to win the caucuses. The caucuses are tailor made for the most conservative candidates. It’s really that simple. In Iowa 2008, a year with high turnout for caucuses compared to average it’s worth noting, still only 114,000 Republicans turned out out of over 600,000 registered. And lets face up to reality here, nobody on the right is going; “ooh, Mitt Romney, he’s exciting and fresh, I better do what I can to make sure he’s the nominee!” According to PPP Rick Perry is entering the race polling just 2% behind Romney — even though he’s spent an absolute minimal amount of time in the news or on the campaign trail.

Yep, and Rick Perry’s taking a clue from the last president, what’s-his-name, the last conservative, cowboy-hat wearing, faux-folksy candidate from Texas. Didn’t he crash the economy? I can’t really remember since the media never mentions his name anymore. He even has the same connections, think tanks, donors. Rick Perry IS what’s his name. Bush III. Because where do you think Rick Perry has been if not on the campaign trail? Lining his pockets with Koch money. And that’s why Rick Perry is going to win. With Rudy Giuliani, the Koch Brothers, all Bush’s major donors, and a cabal of secret SuperPACs backing him up Rick Perry isn’t just going to lap his opponents he’s going to destroy them. Rick Perry turning his full might on the lightweights in the race right now would be a little bit like seeing an AK-47 used on a hornet’s nest.

The other candidates are jokes at this point, Michelle Bachmann’s suporters are going to run to the Rick Perry camp like a Republican congressman with track shoes and a coupon for a lesbian bondage club. Of the caucuses he’s got New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and, in my opinion, Florida in the bag. The first goes to whoever big money decides to buy it for, the second and third are tailor made for the most conservative candidate, Florida looks like a toss up at this point but I think by the time it rolls around the Bushmentum will be pretty much unstoppable. Mitt Romney is still going to be talked about and pimped as the front runner by the corporate media so as to attract attention from Perry and keep his abysmal record as governor under the rug as long as possible. Michelle Bachmann only ever had support because she was the only credible Republican in the race that was able to pass the purity test. But that’s all over with Rick Perry in the race. He passes the purity test but unlike Bachmann he’s stable and soothingly predictable — and that’s what the big money boys are looking for, a meek, predictable, puppet, one more term for the House of Bush!

So yea, this isn’t the run of the mill thinking. It isn’t what you’re gonna hear on CNN or politico. But in case you didn’t notice, these aren’t run of the mill times anymore.


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    • mplo on August 14, 2011 at 18:45

    One would think that the American electorate would’ve learned their lesson from the Bush years!  I’m afraid  not.  

    We must also give thanks to the Democratic Party at large, including Obama, for having made the ascendency of the more radical GOP, including the Tea-Baggers and Rick Perry possible.

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