In honor . . . . ? It looks good . . . . . ?

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RUGER is coming out with a new and intimidating pistol in honor of Senators and Congressmen.

                             It  will be named the “Politician!”


It looks good but it doesn’t work; and you can’t fire it.

AND, you also don’t need it [sic]!  Afterall, all you have to do is appoint a “Super Congress” — 12 people, in all.  That’ll do it!  WOW!  You want real debt deficit reduction?    


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  1. get in the streets en masse and you CAN Vote ’em Out!  

    • TMC on August 7, 2011 at 03:15

    it looks like it’s from a yahoo e-mail account. If you don’t have photobucket or a flicker account, forward me the e-mail and I’ll put the picture in for you.

  2. O.K., I’ve tried another link — it works?

  3. someplace in my now lost collection of digital crap I had a photo of the New World Order 911 commemorative 45 caliber Dick Cheney special.  Anyway you can’t wake up the zombinals until stuff stops coming to the supermarket and gas stops coming to the gas station.

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