CERN Experiment Likely Shows Recent Global Warming Due to Sun, Not Man.

When I came to this board a year or so ago, I predicted that a CERN experiment in progress would show that most of the recent global warming was due to the sun and not man made CO2.

Ever since I heard of Henrik Svensmark’s theory four or five years ago, over and over for the last several years, I have cringed when people on progressive and liberal blogs made comments about how stupid Republicans and conservatives are because of their refusal to accept the claim that the recent global warming was man made.  I was afraid we would have lots of crow to eat.  Seems like that may be the case.

Svensmark’s theory is that cosmic radiation affects cloud formation.  His theory states that when the sun’s magnetic field is strong, it better shields the earth from cosmic radiation, so fewer clouds are formed by cosmic radiation, and thus the earth heats up.  Conversely, when the cosmic radiation is high due to a weak solar magnetic field, cosmic radiation bombards the earth in higher numbers and causes the formation of more clouds, cooling the earth.

The CERN experiment called CLOUD, has confirmed that cosmic radiation seeds clouds.

During the 20th century, the sun was the most magnetic it had been in centuries, perhaps as great as it has been in the last eight millennia.  Curiously though, after 2000, the sun’s magnetic field has been in serious decline and since about 1998 world temps have either stayed the same or gone down.

To see a review of the paper by a CERN insider go here:…

All proponents of the “CO2 causes global warming” camp have always assumed the sun, because its solar output of light and heat is so constant, could not have caused the recent global warming.  What they failed to consider is that the sun’s magnetic output is quite variable and it turns out that the sun’s magnetism directly influences the cloudiness of earth.


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  1. For some scientists who had the whole scientific world against them and persevered.

  2. Not sure what they know about anything honestly.

    Well, whatever.

    That said, I find it very interesting that the resident pro nuke guy decides to go all ballistic about you simply reporting these results.

    The reality though is that ‘science’ is unable to deal with ‘systems science’ – ie the fact that, for instance,  when we die of cancer, it’s not just the pesticides, just the smoking that killed us, nukes that kill us, nor the DNA alone — it’s all that stuff and much more.

    Which is very handy for several of these industries. Especially the nuke boys, the nuke bomb boys (who are the same, though they’ll never admit it) ), and the legions of toxic leakers, food additive tribes, and so on.

    The nuke boys WANT man made global warming to be a real thing.

    However, this can be applied to the GW denial camp as well. It’s quite likely, that, there’s more than one cause.

    I guess the human brain doesn’t grok that really well.  

    Just like the left keeps focusing on personal car use as the cause of carbon emissions, when the US military, the commerical air carriers use much more. Sacred cows I guess.

  3. When I saw a movie on his work, and the work of others (like the Israeli physicist who got measurements from Dead Sea fossils; can’t remember his name) I thought, “This guy deserves a Nobel prize”.

    I doubt he’ll get one. While the CERN experiment supports his hypothesis, there’s a lot of money and power riding on Catastrophic Global Warming due to CO2. It’s almost laughable how much the science has gone against the warmists since Al Gore’s heyday.

    I’ve posted, somewhere (maybe also DD) about tribalism in science, the problems with peer review, even the revelation about the financial segments’ ownership of technical journals.

    For more on scientific corruption, tribalism and irrationality, you can google metamars + Lee Smolin; and metamars + Peter Woit.

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