What Social Security cuts REALLY mean — IMPORTANT!

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Michael Hiltzik, of the LA Times, , offers a clear understanding of what actually is being offered by President Obama by putting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid — OUR Trust Funds — “on the table.”  

This is a most important article, in terms of your own complete comprehension about what is at stake in this “offer” by President Obama.  Please be sure to read it entirely.

Basing Social Security cost-of-living increases on the chained consumer price index, which presumes people will trade down to cheaper goods as costs rise, would force elderly people on fixed incomes to forgo essentials.

A man waits for free care at the Remote Area Medical clinic at the Los Angeles Memorial

Sports Arena last year. A proposal to change the formula that determines annual cost-of-

living increases for people on Social Security could leave fixed-income seniors having to

choose between medical care and food.
(Luis Sinco, Los Angeles Times / July 13, 2011)

Of all the ways policymakers in Washington show they have absolutely no conception of how their tinkerings with the federal budget affect average Americans, one stands alone. That’s the proposal to change the formula that determines annual cost-of-living increases for people on Social Security . . . . (emphasis mine)

Of course, this particular type of “indexing” is a preserved offering strictly for the elderly, children and disabled.  And ideas to suggest that it be across the board were quickly “nayed.”  Hummmmm! Wonder why!

“Shared sacrifices?”  You’ve got to be kidding!  When and where were sacrifices ever shared in these past eleven plus years?  Except between the so-called “middle-class” and the so-called “middle-class?”  Now, the decimated “middle-class.”


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  1. jam the phone lines, e-mails, fax machines, everything we can do.  This is about us and our children and grandchildren!!!!!

    Here is an Action Page!  

    And here is another!

  2. (Seems we were “in this” at the same time, i.e., I came to change title and then saw it up on the front page — don’t know which came first . . . . lol!)

    • Xanthe on July 14, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    to talk about shared sacrifices is stunning to me.  They actually say it aloud. No shame or even embarrassment. It’s very difficult to meditate these days as I am in a stage of anger which is not good for my health.  These are the days especially when we have to take care of ourselves and each other.

    thanks for the heads up, Basha, especially the nuances of chained consumer price index.

    Frankly I don’t know how much cheaper I can go on clothing – save walking around naked.  


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