Welcome to Stars Hollow: One Year and Going Strong

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The Stars Hollow Gazette is still here and, from the looks of things, will be for some time to come. Just one year ago I posted this diary:

Welcome to Stars Hollow

The “park” and its benches are open. It is quite a liberal place, very liberal in fact and not ashamed to say so. We hope to give a space to those who want to feel comfortable expressing their views and ideas, a comfortable place for give and take, discussion, agreement and disagreement. None should expect a Utopia, we all have our own views and ideas, there will always be conflicts and opposition.

Besides the current news, this is an environment for creativity, a place to put your “stuff” for others to enjoy. A place for music, art, fiction or just chit chat about what ever moves the moment, a place to stream your thoughts on life, the universe and everything.

We chose the Fourth of July to debut as a subtle reminder that this country was born out of agreement to dissent. As responsible citizens, we have a right to voice our opinions. Democracy does not end at the voting booth, it begins there.

We wanted a place for people to be able to say that the president is a “dick” and why. A place where if you have a cause, an special interest, something that moves you to tears or rolling on the floor laughing, you have a place in our park. We believe that the more you write, the better you get. If we has a second motto here, it would be “Write More And Often“.

I want to thank everyone who contributes to Stars Hollow, especially those who contribute everyday.

ek hornbeck, my partner in this endeavor, who worries more than you can possibly know. It is his devotion to the “art of blogging” that caught my interest years ago at Daily Kos and then Docudharma, which we also administer. I could not do this without him.

Edger, the technical artist behind the curtain that has made this site so pretty. He has my special thanks and respect.

Translator, aka Dr. David W. Smith, for the some of the most informative, interesting diaries. Not just science but entertainment and insight into small town living. Thanks, Doc, I hope you are comfortable here.

mishima, our steadfast Japanese partner, who without fail and in the face of the worst disaster, has given us the news in the morning and insight into living in Japan every Saturday. He will be on hiatus from the news while adjusting to his new work schedule. Thank you so much, my friend, stay well.

Special thanks to davidseth, our “bloquero” from Dream Antilles, JekyllnHyde for his fantastic Editorial Cartoon diaries, BruceMcF for Sunday Train. You all help to sustain this place and have my deepest appreciation for your writing and work.

My last thank you is to a special friend who passed away before he could diary here, Ben Masel, a true activist, perpetual Wisconsin candidate and dear, dear friend. John Nichols in his tribute to Ben wrote

A few weeks ago, on a break between radiation and chemotherapy treatments, Masel was outside the Willy Street Co-op promoting the latest of his political projects when a manager informed him that the activity was not allowed. Masel stood his ground. The police were called and they informed the veteran of 40 years of speaking truth to power that he had to cease his campaigning. Actually, Masel informed the officers, he had every right to exercise his rights in so public a place. He directed them to review a specific section on a specific page of a specific set of rules and regulations. The manual was retrieved and reviewed and, when all was said and done, Masel’s assessment of his rights – and those of all who dare dissent – was accepted.

“Ben knew the laws better than the police did,” explained his longtime friend Amy Gros-Louis, echoing a sentiment shared by judges, lawyers and the many police officers who came to regard Masel with a mix of frustration, awe and, eventually, respect.

I blog in your memory, Ben.

Thanks to all who comment, read and just lurk. Lurking is a good thing, we encourage it because if you read enough, we hope, eventually, you’ll create an account and express yourself.

So welcome, sit on a bench or stretch out on the grass and enjoy the company.

Have a Happy and safe 4th of July and keep on reading and writing.

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