Senator Coburn to Vietnam Veterans: Shove It!!

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Add in vitter trying to block the VA budget in the Senate {below} and the tepubs are continuing their decades long obstruction of Veterans Issues while laying blame constantly on the VA and their supporters love that, including veterans among them!!

Since the 110th congress and with Gen. Shinseki in they’ve been trying to play catchup with What Wasn’t Done Nor Mentioned in the 108th and 9th while they rubber stamped two more wars of choice and with Still No Demand from the Country as to their own Sacrifice now over a decade, added to the previous decades!!

I’m sure though they still have a supply of those ‘purple heart bandages’ they so enjoyed, pointed directly at us in-country Navy personal, while sending those troops into these two conflicts!!

No More Agent Orange Claims


Press Release

July 20, 2011

Mokie Pratt Porter

No. 11-16

Sen. Coburn to Vietnam Veterans:

No More Agent Orange Claims

(Washington, D.C.) – “Sooner or later, some senator or congressman was going to target benefits earned by veterans,” said John Rowan, National President of Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA).  “It seems that Senator Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) is the one who has taken aim and fired.”

His amendment would require proof of a “causal relationship” rather than a “positive association” of certain illnesses to Agent Orange exposure.  “If enacted, this measure will significantly restrict Agent Orange benefits and care. VVA vigorously opposes this amendment,” Rowan saidSenator Coburn, a medical doctor with a well-earned reputation as a fiscal conservative, has offered an amendment to H.R. 2055, the

“This measure is wrong-headed.  It is out of touch with science – and with the intent of the Agent Orange Act of 1991.  It attempts to undo two decades of policy.  Currently, veterans are presumed to have been exposed to Agent Orange if they served ‘boots-on-the-ground’ in Vietnam and, in some instances, along the demilitarized zone in Korea,” Rowan said.  “If they develop certain maladies that the VA Secretary has determined, on the basis of sound scientific and epidemiological research, that a positive association exists between the exposure and the occurrence of the disease, they are entitled to health-care and disability compensation. read more>>>

WAR TAX, NOW! And call it that!

Our esteem friend, the vitter, must be back to visiting his local house of ill repute!!

He is though doin what tepubs have always done, and the country loves, for decades now, obstructing the VA budget then switching to blaming the VA, reason them tepubs love themselves purple heart bandages!!

Senate defeats attempt to sink VA funding bill

07/20/11 – The Senate voted 69-30 on Wednesday to table an amendment offered by Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) that would have killed the Veterans Affairs (VA) funding bill.

Vitter wanted to stop the bill because the Senate has yet to pass a budget for 2012. He argued it makes no sense to move spending measures without a budget framework approved by the Senate.

“The point this amendment makes is a pretty simple but basic and important one,” said Vitter from the floor on Tuesday. “We don’t have a concurrent budget resolution for fiscal year 2012. We’re in the process of passing an appropriation bill with this bill, spending money without a budget, without a game plan, without a framework.”

“That’s clearly putting the cart before the horse and clearly having things backwards in a dysfunctional process,” Vitter said. read more

Wonder how this: “We don’t have a concurrent budget resolution for fiscal year 2012. We’re in the process of passing an appropriation bill with this bill, spending money without a budget, without a game plan, without a framework.” fits in to the cost of their wars of choice, over All these years, ideology!


  1. Vet’s plea for help ends forum on NC toxic water

    Jul. 20, 2011 – Anthony Taylor made what he believes could be his last plea for help. The 60-year-old Vietnam veteran, who says he was exposed to Agent Orange overseas and to contaminated water at home, wants someone to help him pay his bills, pay for the 26 pills he takes daily, pay for anything to make his life easier.

    “The reason I’m here today is I’m here to talk before I die,” the wheelchair-bound Holly Springs man told a panel looking into contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. ” … I drank water up and down Camp Lejeune. … Give us some dignity. Stop saying I’m a veteran and don’t do nothing for me.”

    Taylor spoke Wednesday at the close of the 20th meeting of the community assistance panel investigating water contamination at Camp Lejeune that may have poisoned as many as 1 million people until the wells were shut down more than 20 years ago. His words gave an emotional end to a meeting that focused on a health survey and the science of water modeling.

    He said he suffers from several illnesses, including glaucoma and heart disease, which his doctor attributes to the contaminated water. Other illnesses may be attributable to Agent Orange exposure, but he said he’s been unable to get the veterans’ benefits he deserves. read more>>>

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