Pea Recipies

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Peas are full of vitamins and they are good for you – even the frozen ones.  Plus a bag of frozen peas can be used for that black eye you may have received at the hands of some crazed individual in the grocery mart who  fought you for the last two-for-one gourmet coffees – once ordinary – selling at $10.50.  Gosh, two for one.  But as I reached my hand over to the coffee, a wild eyed woman pushed it aside and grabbed the last two. I let it go because I am a small woman, in my seventies, and she was a obese woman in her thirties – I could outrun her but really why waste the energy.

But back to peas – I’m a rice eater, and not only brown rice.  No, in my rice madness I even eat jasmine and white.  We are continually told by the likes of Dr. Oz that white stuff is really bad for you.  However, I put green peas in any rice dish while cooking – it’s a good duo.  

I also like green peas in potato salads and some pasta dishes.  It not only gives cold salads a good flavor but it actually has a nice look – the green denoting nature and largesse and all.

I am a vegetarian, so eating peas doesn’t bother me but I occasionally would like asparagus (now selling at $6.25 a pound) or avocados (now selling for $2.95 each).  Avacados are really good for you – they have the good fat.  

Anyone have any pea recipes you want to share.  Of course now that it has some cache – Green Giant will prolly raise prices … again.

Austerity – bring it (as he will).      


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    • Xanthe on July 12, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    Peas may be surprised this am that they have awakened in a world of celebrity – and even demand that they are called by their Latin handle: Pisum Sativum.

    And one-half cup only has about 60 calories.

    Come on  – get with the program!  

  1. I’m all “peaed” out!

    You don’t waste time getting with the program, do you?  And you’re so nice to provide recipes using peas, as well.

    Sorry about that obese wench who, obviously, would have broken your arm had you succeeded in grabbing the 2 for 1 coffees.

    You have probably had samosas, but in case you haven’t.  Samosas are Indian and can be made vegetarian, or just about any way you wish.  Most of the vegetarian ones call for peas, yes, peas.  Basically, they consist of cooked potatoes, onions, if you wish, many different spices, corriander (fresh cilantro) and peas, tossed well in a bowl, then stuffed into a pastry.  You do not need to make your own pastry.  You can use wanton sheets cut in half, or phyllo dough.  Here’s a google for you, in case you’d like to try them some time.  Samosas!  They take a little time, but it’s really worth it and they freeze well, too.  

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