‘Patriotism’ in the Tepublican Camp? Think Not!

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Especially related to their elected Representatives handlers, the big money, the corporations, wall street, the banks, them at the top who have more then enough cash to control but not to invest in growth and the Countries economy for all!

This Cornyn makes a real good ‘brownshirt soldier’ for the collective, not for policy for this country but the power hungry commanders that give the orders, ask him a question you get the same answers in those very old and well practiced talking points.

Listen ,once again, to the same speak given for the past decade plus and refined over the previous some two decades previous.

AIR DATE: July 5, 2011

Sen. Cornyn to Obama: Take Tax Increases Off the Table


President Obama announced Tuesday that he will host bipartisan congressional leaders at the White House for continued talks on a deal to reduce the nation’s deficit and raise its debt limit. Judy Woodruff discusses the negotiations with Republican John Cornyn of Texas, who sits on the Senate Budget and Finance committees. Transcript

I give Judy Woodruff allot of credit, she tried asking the questions a couple of different ways but kept getting the same responses and you could see that she understood that was the way this interview was going to continue no matter how long they took it.

In the interview we get this from this brownshirt representative not of the people:

SEN. JOHN CORNYN: Well, one of the reasons they are sitting on that cash — and, yes, they become a whole lot more efficient by laying people off, increasing automation, and various things within their companies — but they’re sitting on that cash because they don’t know what’s going to happen in terms of tax rates and in terms of regulation, in terms of what the health care costs are going to be from the president’s health care bill that they didn’t anticipate and didn’t factor into their business model.

So apparently he doesn’t mind the high unemployment numbers nor the fact that his business community stays confused after a decade plus of the huge tax cuts at the top, the huge wealth reaped in that decade plus, the many write offs that congress gives them and the lax regulatory over site especially when they controlled it all.

Now as to the ‘patriotism’ these tepublican representatives, and their supports, still boggles the mind that after all that’s happened people call themselves republican and vote that way, show by their lapel flag pins.

SEN. JOHN CORNYN: Well, I think that’s — there’s really two parts to that, Judy. One is to reduce the overall business tax rate, hopefully to make us more competitive globally, as I read President Clinton reiterated today.

It just makes sense, if it’s cheaper to do business here in the United States, then jobs will be created here. If it’s cheaper to keep that cash and to create jobs abroad, that’s what businesses will do because it makes economic sense.

But, again, I think the last thing I would think you would want to do, when the recovery is so anemic and when the private sector is sort of sitting on the sidelines because they don’t know what the costs of doing business are going to be, tax rates, regulatory policy, that I think we need to find a way to relieve that anxiety by saying, you know what? During a fragile economic recovery, just like last December with the expiring tax rates, the president agreed, this is not a time to raise taxes.

Well, it’s not still not a time to raise taxes with 9.1 percent unemployment.

They don’t care if their handlers jump ship on the Country and the people they represent, and yes you tepublican supporters that’s you and yours, and ship business and jobs over-sea’s, hell they even give them tax breaks on the profits for doing so as well as on the private jets to globe trot to their off shore offices.

Still none has answered the questions of why the job market collapsed, along with everything else after the bush tax cuts and why companies haven’t been creating jobs by investing here in expansion or new, the once envied and respected innovative workforce and our products on the planet, in this continued economic collapse after they were extended, it the only selling point, false, they use when the word ‘tax’ in mentioned.

As Congressional representatives they showed their stripes when they controlled the all, two wars off the books, and lost billions, with no bid contracts for their growing private military control and army, no to rare mention of the needs of those sent nor the veterans of, , still after a decade plus no demand for sacrifice by the country!


  1. There’s multi millions to give the top executives, voted on by the big investors who have nothing to do with product production nor innovations, and we only hear about the CEO’s comp., as well as corporate write offs on top of the huge tax cuts, then theirs plenty to give to those who really are doing the work!!!!!!

  2. As the tepubs are defining the ‘patriotism’ we All must follow and have been doing so obnoxiously loud for the past decade plus.

    Well the corporations and especially the wealthy execs choose to ‘leave it’ and yet are revered as upstanding citizens and even american hero’s, who still apparently haven’t reach the pinnacle of the perfect american patriot as they want for more!  

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