Hate Groups at it Again

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Here we go again.  Massachusetts is debating An Act Relative to Transgender Equal Rights that would provide protections from discrimination in public transit, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, and bathrooms, and the usual suspects have skipped by all the items until they got to bathrooms.

Ah, yes.  Men dressed like women are going to rape your daughter and/or your wife in public toilets if transgender people are accorded equal citizenship.

Has there ever been a case of a transperson committing such an act in a public restroom?  Research comes up empty.  How many sexual predators dress as women in order to perform their nefarious deeds?  And is it fair to punish transpeople for the perceived misdeeds of people who are not trans?

What was that?

Created to compliment the work of the Massachusetts Family Institute, MFI Action expands our latitude and flexibility in advocating for pro-family polices in the public policy arena in Massachusetts.  It is consistent with the creation of Focus on the Family, Action; and Family Research Council, Action; as well as a majority of our sister family policy councils in the other states.

Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council.  Where have I heard those names before?  Oh, I have the mail here somewhere.  The Southern Poverty Law Center, I believe.  Here it is!  FRC is listed as a hate group.  FoF is “one of a dozen major groups [which] help drive the religious right’s anti-gay crusade.”

Designed to help gender-confused individuals, the Bathroom Bill would add the vague category of “gender identity or expression” to the state ban on discrimination. Among the negative consequences of this law are: a) school children would be taught that they can change their gender if they want and b) women and children would be put at risk since access to sensitive areas such as single-sex bathrooms, locker rooms, and c) women-only fitness facilities would be open to anyone, regardless of biological sex, and d) anyone speaking out against it could be charged with a “hate crime.”

Dudes.  It is you who are confused, not us.  You clearly have not read the bill.  Nor do you understand that transwomen are not men and transmen are not women.

One can only wonder what goes on in the minds of these people, who seem to think they may one day find the inclination to molest little girls and the way they will find access is by dressing as women and heading for the nearest public women’s restroom.

Well, shame on you!  There are laws against that behaveior.  And protecting transfolk from discrimination isn’t going to invalidate those laws.  135 clergy throughout the state understand this.  Why don’t you?

Dear reader, if you reside in Massachusetts, you can contact your legislators and press for change.  Or people could help out at the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition.

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