Big Daddy

Big Daddy2

Hart Senate Office Building, Washington DC, July 7, 2011


    • Xanthe on July 20, 2011 at 14:24

    if only Jacob, you could have watched the love Fest that is accorded to Murdock, his splendid, wonderful wife and his son on Morning Joe.  I don’t know how to put up the segment but I urge you to go there and watch the flowers strewn at the feet of these three because….well basically I think because they’re rich.  No word about why they are there – and really, the bar for  rich crooks is pretty low.  Maybe running over children (and even then….after all, we do it in Pakistan.)

    I had been watching RT and some really good reporting there, so on a lark – I tuned into Morning Joe to check out their wardrobes, of course as well.

    And I stumbled into the Love Fest that is Rupert, his wonderful wife and son.  I expect that Wendy, the wife, who attacked the horror of a man with a can of goop, will receive the Medal of Honor.  

    I dunno –  up is down sideways is straight up.

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