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This is an Open Thread

Murdoch Hacks Celeb-Phones, Lib/Prog Bloggers Swoon!

Say what - 2
Say what?

Apparently Fox and Friends spy on celebs! And now the same lib/prog bloggers who make fun of the M$M for obsessing about WienerGate can’t stop screaming about poor old Rupert!

Privacy! It’s a middle-class and only a middle-class fetish.

Publicity defines celebs. They only exist to show off for nobodies!

And likewise the lower class is delighted to take off its pants for Jerry Springer, just as soon as there’s anything messed-up enough about them to be funny.

But for the phony “respectability” of the tight-assed bourgeoisie, revelation is the same as death!

So now it’s down with Murdoch, that god-awful disrespecter of bourgeois conventionalities!  

This Week In The Steamy Dream Antilles

This was quite a bizarre week.  And this will be a short digest.  Your Bloguero was obsessed all week long with the California Prison Hunger Strike.  Five essays.   One every day.  Monday through Friday.  And because your Bloguero was convinced that the Trad Media TM weren’t giving the story any real coverage and that what there was, was simple stenography of the official half truths and maliciousness of prison officials, your Bloguero decided these essays should be cross-posted at various blogs.  Good idea.  Hard to carry out.  Your Bloguero found himself involuntarily drowning in the fabled ocean of Java and html errors.  Repeatedly.  Let’s face it.  Your Bloguero can tickle the keyboard, and maybe he can write the essays, but alas and alack, when that dreaded red warning jumps up when he hits “publish,” he freaks out.  And curses.  And gets impatient.  And frustrated.  And does not know how to fix the problem so the essay will actually publish.  And so, it has been a week both of frenzied hammering away at the keyboard and the soaring agitation and frustration the red warnings elicit.

This could be crazy making anywhere.  And it probably is.  But because he is back from Mexico and is again in Upstate New York, the heat and humidity have fueled both the intensity and duration of your Bloguero’s massive freak outs.  Let’s not mention his impatience.  Or his irritation.  Or his reactions to the comments your Bloguero took umbrage at.  Or the epithets he muttered (but did not type).

Thank goodness that the hunger strike has now ended peacefully so your Bloguero can now attempt to re-establish his so often lost equanimity.

Here are the essays supporting the prison hunger strikers:

Friday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, and Monday.

Was there anything else in the Dream Antilles other than your Bloguero’s obsession?  In what seems like a million years ago, your Bloguero actually wrote a piece on Sunday about Hoaracio Castellanos Moya’s book She-Devil in The Mirror.  Moya is a wonderful writer, and this book is an unusual description of the pervasive corruption in post Revolution El Salvador, told by a very distinctive and unusual narrator.  An interesting book that should be wider known.

This Week In The Dream Antilles is a weekly digest. Sometimes, like now, it is actually a digest of essays posted in the past week. Your Bloguero always solicits your support. No, not your money. Just leave a comment so that your Bloguero will know that you stopped by. Humor him. Or, even easier, just click the “Encouragement jar”. Your Bloguero likes to know that you’re visiting.

California Prison Hunger Strike Ends Peacefully


(Note: This is my fifth and final essay in support of the California prisoners on hunger strike.  The first is here.  The second is here.  OPOL’s wonderful treatment of the situation is here.  The third is here.  Yesterday’s is here.

SF Gate reports that after three full weeks the California Prisoners’ Hunger Strike has come peacefully to an end.  Prisoners across California are now eating:


Duck Soup to Nuts

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

Time for a break from poetry…in order to create some art.

Taking into account the public’s regrettable lack of taste, it is incumbent upon you not to fit in.

–Janeane Garofalo

Art Glass 9

Late Night Karaoke

Countdown with Keith Olbermann

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