Vermont, Arts and Crafts (Photo-essay)

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Earlier this month, my partner and I took a short vacation in Southeartern Vermont…in the area of Putney (at the Putney Inn, to be precise.  George Washington never slept here.  The land was Tory-owned.).

Our first day there, we visited Green Mountain Spinnery…where I screwed up most of the photos by first discovering I had forgotten my digital camera and then having my iPhone set to video rather than photographs.  Then we proceeded to take a trip to see this country’s longest covered bridge (below) after which we got lost.  I was driving so I didn’t take any more interesting photos along the way.  I now wish I had.

I was along for the ride, in a sense.  My partner, Debbie, was meeting with folks from her LGBT knitting list.  This was a “Knit Camp”.  While we were out being lost, driving the back country from Brookline to Athens, VT, and on to Cambridgeport (we were actually trying to find a way horizontally over to Putney, but had missed the turn), her online friends were arriving at the inn.

The plan for the next day included a trip to Golding Fiber Tools.  Now I am not a fiber craftsperson, but I have an abiding interest in tools and wood carving (for which I have no skill), so I went along.

They also have raw material, with both sheep…

…and alpaca.

I’m not sure what I expected, but what I encountered was mostly a house of worship for the art of wood carving…with a giant nod towards the fiber arts.

Downstairs was the space in which the looms and large spinning wheels and other furniture were created.

Upstairs was apparently the sales room.  There were some larger items

and a very large number of drop spindles

There were demonstrations…

…and hands on practice


Yes, we bought a kit, which comes with drop spindle, directions and some raw material.

We were there for quite some time while fun was had for those without bad backs and purchases were made.

Walking towards back toward the entrance put an exclamation mark on the entire event:


    • Robyn on June 15, 2011 at 20:06

    They were definitely not as bad as the ones I discarded.

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