Live Video-Feed from Netroots Nation 11

Check it out! It’s all the same clowns that sucked Obama’s ass in 2008!

And in the background you can hear Kos squealing…

“Fuck America, Barry!”



  1. At least the people in the video took chances. Had gusto. The yammering DOLTS ON THE bIG ORANGE tUMOR don’t take any, and have none.

    That joint has lost so much critical and rigorous thinking over the years. So many originals have left or been banned. Originals who discovered the site because they were politically active, internet savvy, and tuned into the zeitgeist of the moment.

    What’s left now are the dregs of masses who eventually discovered the site thru some mainstream organ like FUNBC, where punkboy Markos would kiss Olberbore’s ass while shilling for his little website.

    The Big Orange Tumor has subsumed itself.  

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