Truth, Justice and the American Way

The killing of Osama Bin Laden the late scion of a great Saudi family closely connected to the Saudi royals shows the exact condition of American culture. Bin Laden and the other people who were in the compound could have been arrested. I doubt, surprised as they were, they offered much resistance against heavily armed and armored troops. It will be interesting to hear if anyone in the propaganda media will wonder why these people were killed. Also, it is interesting that he was said to have been “buried at sea.” Of course no one will wonder–well did they actually kill Bin Laden? We have no proof he was killed. It is possible, for example, that Bin Laden had been dead for quite a while and the PR people figures it was time to rev up some blood-lust.

This sort of brings us full-circle to the question of what really happened on 9/11 and whether Bin Laden was ever really involved. I have, personally, seen no evidence of his involvement though clearly an organization called Al-qaida seems to have been involved. But who were these people? Where did they come from? I leave that to the reader to look into. Since I have some knowledge of how covert ops and politics (which is often full of all kinds of covert ops, false flag operations and so on) I know that evidence is important in these matters and the evidence for any of the governments assertions is just no there. And it seems to be a pattern. Oh, you killed Osama–where’s the body? Oh, we dropped him in the ocean man he was, like, heavy. Ok, of course I believe you–you are the U.S. gov’t and you’re always straight with us, right?  

Of course, let’s assume they really did get the guy–then what was he doing in a really obvious place in Pakistan. Here’s the thing people need to know. People don’t live  anonymously in countries like Pakistan. Believe me, everybody is in everybody’s business–it’s not like the U.S. where neighbors can live next door and never meet (DC suburbs where I live are famous for that). People that have not lived in real communities don’t know it. I can assure you that if Bin Laden was staying there for more than a week everyone in the location including the local police knew who he was and how much he could be hit up for. I had heard stories, in fact, that he was living near the capital.

It would have been logical for people not to be killed during the raid. Osama could have provided us with useful information that only he could know–doesn’t it seem suspicious that he was killed? Does anybody think in this country? — don’t answer that.

What about Justice? Why is it that Americans now administer Justice gangland-style. What happened to the concepts furthered by Matt Dillon the Marshall of Dodge City in the radio and TV series Gunsmoke? Despite the name of the show Dillon never wanted to kill anyone and felt bad when he had to. He made heroic efforts at the risk of his life to bring people in for trial–and sometimes the people he brought in weren’t guilty and sometimes there was a lot of ambiguity. No, we remember the 50’s as a simple patriotic period with clear right and wrong–no, there was a genuine interest, at least in the media, in ideas such as Justice and Truth and the American Way was seen as something more than merely economic well-being but an approach to social issues that was rational, that did not equate Justice with wealth. All this was a result of propaganda against the fascism in WWII and later against communism. It set the stage for those of us who were brought up during that period to take these ideals seriously and when confronted with the reality of racism and an illegal and immoral war (it was immoral because it was fought mainly for the profit of the MIC, the advancement of military officers, and the egos of politicians and had little real strategic value that related to either the security of the U.S. or lessening the influence of China).

But today, with movies and TV glorifying in the idea that there are bad guys and good guys and we’re the good guys. So when you locate bad guys you kill them or torture them for information because, well, they’re just bad. That is the level of Justice in America today. You go into a colonial war in North Africa on slender evidence of “genocide” and kill the leaders son obviously targeting the head of state–what is that? You go into villages and just kill people in Afghanistan and Pakistan based on what? On paid informants who tell you what you want to hear? You kill the people, including women, children, old men, dogs, whatever. It’s all the same to the soldiers they only thing “kill” that’s how they’re programmed. In Iraq some people get pissed at the swaggering assholes who shoot people for fun–they string them up and cheer and the U.S. decides to flatten the city and use phosphorous just to increase the level of suffering of “them.”

This is the new America. They target you, the media parrots government assertions (they never fucking check into the story anymore) and there you have it a world of good guys and bad guys and commentators who know the story they are required to tell so they can keep their sexual partners happy and support their kids. Everything you hear is a lie even if it’s true. Bin Laden could have been killed. He could have been involved in 9/11 but the whole story from start to finish is a huge lie even if it’s true.

One thing I know for sure and that is that politics and war are not what they ever appear to be on the surface. There are many layers to major events and always have been. I lost my innocence when I read the ancient historians and Machiavelli–they describe the way the world really works–the American media describes random comic-book images and fantasies on fantasies, i.e., what passes for commentary.



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  1. “According to ABC’s Brian Ross, the FBI subpoenaed brain tissue from bin Laden’s sister to get a DNA match.”

    Inquiring minds want to know.  

  2. 1. Why now?

    2. Why not bring him to trial?

    3. Why bury him at sea?

    4. How do you ‘subpoena brain tissue’ ?

    Does it go something like this:

    Hi, I’m here from the FBI, I have a subpoena and a drill, may I come in ?

    5. The administration has already claimed that Al Queda will retaliate– was that their real goal?  

  3. according to new book:

  4. Having to echo these retarded sentiments about “Elvis” bin laden and his ugy cousin al-cia-duh.

    Yeah, rah rah “they got him”, suck on the Japanese cesium 129, fucking bonehead.

    Seems like it’s been an entire month of stupid.  Royal assholes, the birth certificate in lamestream news, John Paul(that news I like but not the timing of it for sheeple purposes).  Surely nothing of a higher intelligence level above comic book.

  5. is BS-ing you is when the leaderships of both parties are in complete agreement and acceptance. (Rush Limbaugh has even congratulated Obama for killing OBL). More examples of both party leaderships being in agreement and acceptance.

    Saddam was an “imminent threat”.

    Social Security is “part of the deficit”.

    Globalization is a “win-win”.

    It’s ok to use torture to “fight terror”.

    The rich need more money (Wall Street bailouts).

    Tax-cuts for the rich = “economic stimulus”.

    If both party leaderships are saying (and doing) the same thing, you can know it’s BS.

  6. I have just now read this and am a little astounded at the close thinking, as expressed in the Jacob Freeze’s “Six Assassinations . . . ”

    I concur with most everything here!

    I am constantly amazed at the continual efforts to bamboozle Americans.  

    I continue to think that unless and until we get to the bottom of 9/11, we will never know the truth about anything else with respect to the bogus “war on terra.'”

  7. Get with the program fella.

    We finally get some good news:  unemployment down (No, that’s not right – what was it?) (Obama comes out strongly for Medicare and SS – no, there’s something going on behind the scenes there.)  (Subpoenas are issued to certain banksters who will prolly go to jail – no that’s not it.)

    Oh yeah, we killed Osama bin Laden.  Actually, if he wasn’t dead already – he pretty much won.  How much did and are we spending on wars?  How many people are homeless in USA? How many people unemployed, on food stamps, losing their homes?  Let’s talk education – no, let’s not. Yeah, he won.

    Who’s the new target?  the middle class is kinda boring – bending over and everything.  Who’s in the wings?

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