Still more on the movie “The Town” Claire & Doug’s romance not a normal healthy one.

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After Claire Keesey’s bank  that she managed was robbed at gunpoint by four Townie men, they took her as a hostage, blindfolded her, drove her to a beach, and forced her to walk until she felt the water at her toes.  Claire talks to the Feds briefly, and then, after finding out that Claire resides in The Town (Boston’s Charlestown section), Doug trails Claire to find out what she knows, and ends up supposedly falling in love with her, and Claire falls in love with him, even after Doug had oh so charmingly and subtly warned Claire not to talk to the Feds or else!  In essence, Claire had been sweet-talked and seduced by Doug into a romantic relationship in order to get a promise from her not to talk to the Feds, which Doug pretty much got.  Inotherwords, he now had complete control over her.  

The fact that Claire not only lied to the Feds about who Doug was, in order to cover his ass, but  also helped Doug (a career criminal, armed felon and wanted fugitive) elude the law by tipping him off to the Feds’ presence in her condominium, by giving him the “It’ll be just like one of my sunny days” code,  but she also kept Doug’s duffel bag of stolen money that he left her before skipping town, which she spends on renovating a seedy ice hockey rink.  It was clear that Claire Keesey suffered from what’s called the “Stockholm Syndrome”.

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    • mplo on May 10, 2011 at 02:40

    In the movie, The Town, Claire was supposedly a “normal” person who was just kind of shook up by what happened to her. Had that not been the case however, and if Claire had suffered any medical problems, learning and/or developmental disabilities, such as ADD or ADHD, Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, Dyslexia, or even epilepsy, she would not have been so lucky. Imho, Doug and his men would’ve been only too happy to either “off” her, or at least “have a go at it” with her, if one gets the drift.

    In my opinion, however, Claire, despite her “normalcy”, is probably an embittered, nasty b**ch, who’s so desperate to snag a guy that she’d snuggle up to a career criminal, armed felon and wanted fugitive like Doug MacRay. I have little or no sympathy for Claire, and she deserved to have the heat put on her by the Feds as well, for being so stupid as to fall for Doug and his lying deceitfulness in the first place, and she should’ve been punished in some way for abetting Doug and receiving stolen goods (keeping the duffel bag full of money that Doug left for Claire before he skipped town). The fact that Claire allowed Doug to buy her an expensive diamond necklace from Tiffany’s is also indicative of her stupidity. She should’ve been able to see what Doug was really up to at that point. In real life, an ordinary working guy could never afford to buy the woman or women in his life any diamond jewelry from Tiffany’s or whatever. Doug was clearly up to some criminal exploits, and Claire was clearly too blind, or too willfully stupid to see that.

    I resent Claire for being “normal” and yet willfully stupid at the same time. I wish the ending of The Town were better. I’d be more satisfied if Doug and Claire had really gotten their “just desserts” in the end.

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