Nevada becomes 14th state to outlaw employment discrimination against transpeople

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Governor Brian Sandoval broke ranks with the his party today and signed into law a bill that prohibits discriminating against transgender workers.

The bill will go into effect October 1.  Employers in Nevada will be prohibited from discriminating against employees based on gender identity or expression.  Employers are allowed to require appropriate workplace clothing and grooming standards.  What that usually means is that an employee who identifies as a woman must meet the appropriate requirements for female employees and an employee who identifies as a male must meet the appropriate clothing and grooming standards set for male employees.

Sandoval is a former federal judge and some local observers were confident he would sign the bill based on that.

The jurisdictions which preceded Nevada are Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, Hawaii and the District of Columbia.

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    • Robyn on May 25, 2011 at 15:45

    …when this news dropped.  Hence the lack of in-depth coverage.

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