Live Feed Of Spain Protests

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Hacktivist collective Anonymous is streaming live footage of a self-styled ‘revolution’ in Spain, as protesters camped out in Madrid’s main square accuse authorities and media of playing down a week of demonstrations across the country.

Support for the Spanish protestors remains vocal on Internet outlets such as Twitter, with Anonymous streaming live footage of the sit-in occupying the Spanish capital’s Puerta del Sol on its AnonOps blog.

Led by two anarchist groups, Democracia Real Ya! and Juventud Sin Futuro, demonstrators have occupied the square since Sunday, and have now installed themselves under makeshift tarpaulin shelters.

Demonstrators accuse mainstream media outlets in Spain of ignoring the protests, which appear to have swelled to epic proportions.

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  1. Is Legion.

    • TMC on May 21, 2011 at 06:41

    we need Wikileaks and Anonymous

    The Reason We Need Wikileaks

    Four More Years

    The always-expanding bipartisan Surveillance State Glenn Greenwald

  2. Portugal, Libya, Syria, and altered counts by corporat entity Google on the magical search keyword

    Bin Laden Psy-op.  Lends credibility to the CDC’s recent warning of impending “undead” zombie attacks.

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