Lawsuit by the Unborn Bankrupts Democrats and Republicans

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Both major parties in the United States suffered a probably fatal setback with their plans to buy the next election when a class action lawsuit on behalf of the unborn of all future generations awarded more than $50 trillion to establish a fund for preserving the biosphere.

Democrats immediately whined that they are “better than Republicans,” and UAFG spokesman Jacob Freeze replied…

“You worthless clowns should be happy that you got away with nothing worse than bankruptcy in civil court, because you didn’t even have enough real conviction about anything to prove mens rea, but Republicans are also charged with crimes against humanity and the unborn, and all of them will be hanged, including anyone who even so much as registered as a Republican!”

“So Obama gets a free pass?”

“What are you talking about? Obama will hang with the rest of the Republicans!”  


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  1. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid defended Democrats against attacks by apocalyptic environmentalists. “Of course we’re sold-out corporate slobs just like the Republicans,” Reid said, “but we sold out for LESS.”

  2. I can’t begin the list of those who should pass through those halls as defendants – and leave a life-without-parole convicts.

    OK, I’ll pick Richard Bruce Cheney to start my list. Who is your first choice?

  3. Ever since Statcounter started counting hits from the future, they count more than 10,000 pageviews on all my posts, with thousands of grateful messages!

    “If only those idiots had listened to you, Jakie, we future generations wouldn’t be living on this shit-hole of a planet that your contemporaries left behind!”

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