Fukushima Gets Worse

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While you were sleeping…


The Leaning Tower of Fukushima went right on tilting, with an enormous mass of enriched uranium inside it!

Dr. Robert Jacobs, a Nuclear Historian at the Hiroshima Peace Institute, offered the diagram above in an interview on Tuesday with Russia Today. According to Jacobs (which he says has been confirmed by the Japanese Government), Unit 4 is starting to lean, a collapse certain to expose the fuel rod pools at the top of the building.

Expose the fuel rods? If Unit 4 collapses, it will fling 1479 intensely radioactive fuel rods all over the landscape!

And in addition to this really spectacular prospect, everything else about Fukushima is… surprise! …much much worse than the Tepco and the Japanese government admitted!

The Japanese media are not amused!

Accurate data shattered the overly optimistic assessment of Tokyo Electric Power Co. concerning the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant and raised doubts about the company’s game plan for ending the crisis.

TEPCO officials admitted on May 12 that a “meltdown” had occurred in the No. 1 reactor. Fuel rods had melted, and the molten fuel accumulated and caused small cracks at the bottom of the reactor pressure container, they said.

Reactor 2 and Reactor 3 are probably also cracked! 3000 tons of extremely radioactive cooling water leaked out of Reactor 1 and nobody knows where it went! They can’t even measure how much water remains in any of the reactors!

They don’t even have a plan any more!

An adviser to Prime Minister Naoto Kan indicated Sunday that a plan to flood and cool the No. 1 reactor’s containment vessel at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant with water will be abandoned as holes have been created by melted nuclear fuel at the bottom of the pressure vessel.

Meltdowns! Collapsing reactors! No plan! Nothing is under control!

And that’s the news from Fukushima.


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