From Roomba to O’Bama

For anyone except the TV-intoxicated imbeciles who nominated and elected him, Barack Obama’s usual mugging is just about as convincing as a Roomba reading Hamlet.

Prince Roomba of Denmark

But put that guy in an Irish pub for 15 minutes and suddenly I believe him!


So if there’s any real hope that Barack Obama will ever actually fight back against the right-wing billionaires and their tools who rule our world, forget about the tender-hearted and idealistic Harvard liberal that you thought you elected. That guy never existed.

But somewhere inside the otherwise plastic soul of Barack Obama there’s a real Irish shit-kicker lurking, and one fine day he might even ask John Boehner and the Kochs and Rupert Murdoch and all the rest of those sons-of-bitches a very Irish question!

“Did you ever pick up your teeth with broken fingers?”  

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