Does Blog-Pimping Suck the Air Out of Docudharma?

This poor old blog is obviously wheezing its last or its next to last gasp, and I can usually count the number of commenters on one hand. And what do I see all over the front page, over and over and over and over!


MYBLOG almost exactly like Docudharma, and almost exactly the same people post on it, but…




                                                                     Seriously! Enough is enough!




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  1. It’s not a trick question.

    I’m always happy to feature contributor content when it’s available.

    That’s not all the time.

    It’s up to you to make your own fun, and you personally Jacob, have been featured more than most.

    We average about 600+ unique visits a day and over 1500 page hits so somebody is reading.

    • TMC on May 13, 2011 at 15:20

    from other blogs. It’s done for numerous reasons. Not everyone reads DK or FSZ or FDL. buhdydharma did it regularly with his essays, crossposting and “pimping” DD at DK.

    I offered to keep this place open for the people who commented and contributed to this place. How long it stays is up to you and the others here, entirely.  

  2. But “we liberal-progressives” really really believe in open discussion, free speech, and all that other good shit!

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