Daily Kos: The sixth graders speak!


I grew up watching action movies starring the big guys.  Stallone, Arnold and Bruce.  It was always the sign of a serious bad ass when they could kill the bad guy while cracking some witty remark.  But that’s the movies, right.  Nobody is that much of an actual bad ass in real life.  Right?

Wrong.  President Barack Obama is that much of a bad ass that he can kill the world’s most wanted villian and put a cocky trust fund billionaire in his place at the same time.  

Socialization in America, take a bow!  You made the top of the wreck list with the little shaver’s pre-adolescent hero worship.  Can’t you sense the curly ones sprouting?  That’s some milk-fed T talking some Hollywood trash and letting Gawd sort it out, baby.

Keep up the excellent work, liberals.  It’s been fun watching you out-flank the wingnuts on targeted assassination.  You’re really living up to the dream.


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