25 Navy Seals Defeated Exactly One (1) Arab with a Gun!


“Around 20 to 25 Navy SEALs, wearing night vision goggles, slid down ropes from the helicopters into the compound.”

From Fox News…

A senior U.S. official also told Fox News that only one of the five people killed in the raid was carrying a weapon and firing. The detail seemed at first to diverge from White House accounts claiming the Navy SEALs encountered resistance throughout the raid and were engaged in a firefight during much of the 40-minute operation. However, the scene was described as chaotic, with U.S. forces encountering barricades and women in the compound screaming and attacking the men.

And the AP…

WASHINGTON (AP) – Only one of the five people killed in the raid that got Osama bin Laden was armed and fired a shot, a senior defense official said Thursday, acknowledging the new account differs greatly from original administration portrayals of a chaotic, intense and prolonged firefight.


  1. And you know how loud a blackhawk is.

    Didn’t Osama die in 2007?

    Do we all still have to get felt up at the airport?

    When is gas going to be seven bucks a gallon.

  2. Empire is Empire is Empire and Empire is here and Empire seeks control, power, mindless obedience of all and will suppress any Rebel Alliance. Unlike Star Wars, there is no Rebel Alliance because this Empire is an Orwellian Empire and the Enemy is everywhere and will soon be coming to your favorite Whole Foods and so will the Imperial Storm Troopers.

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