WWL Radio #104 TAXECUTION: W(ho)TF are they trying to Fool?

Friday, April 1st at 6pm EDT!

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PhotobucketThe Budgetary Boogie has gone Batshit Loonie…. I mean seriously Folks, wait until you hear some of the Foster Fun Fact I aly on you tonight about where the Money has gone and is still going.

Just over 45% of able Americans have JOBS, but what Taibbi calls “The Real Housewives of Wall Street” are swallowing huge swaths of our tax money along with their caviar and champagne. But remember? They’ve convinced us its the teachers fault…

Just Wow, man. Women have been thrown under the bus, racist profiling is spreading like (il) legal wildfire… we are blaming everything but the REAL pigs at the trough…

I have facts you just NEED to hear tonight, so join me!

Game On.

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