The Weaving – Our Philosophy

For the vast majority of human history, the human understanding of higher consciousness or, “God,” has developed in geographical and cultural pockets. Each of these cultures acting as both the filter into which the Universal Consciousness has poured and as the vessel that has received and thus formed or shaped their particular understanding of it, each in its own unique way. Each culture or civilization developed it’s own interpretation of what the Universal Consciousness meant, what “God” looked like, what must be done to please “God,” and perhaps most importantly what displeased their version of God enough to cause them to make war on other cultures and civilizations…..who of course had their own unique (and relatively speaking, “true”) interpretation of the Universal Consciousness.

The Truth of Universal Consciousness is…The Truth. It is what it is.

Regardless of ANY human or cultural or religious interpretation. No human culture or religion or set of beliefs is The Truth. The Truth of Universal Consciousness existed long before humans evolved. EVERY human interpretation of Universal Consciousness is subjective. While it is possible for individual humans to experience (to the best of their limited capacity as humans) The Truth of Universal Consciousness, it is literally impossible for any human to communicate…let alone codify into a religion or set of beliefs the entirety of The Truth of Universal Consciousness.

We simply do not have the tools of communication to do so. In part this is a result of humans being only a small part, a subsection, of Universal Consciousness. A small part of a great whole can simply not communicate the entirety of a great whole that it is part of…especially to other small parts of the great whole.

In that sense….everything you know is wrong. And everything I know, and everything the religious leaders of the world know, etc. Wrong not because the details, the parts, of  The Truth of Universal Consciousness we do know of and communicate are wrong, but because we simply cannot know, to the point of communicating them “accurately,” the whole of Universal Consciousness.

Perhaps (I use the word perhaps because, after all, everything I know is wrong!) the best we small, human parts of the whole can do is to combine all of the knowledge and communication skills that have developed in these small pockets of cultures, traditions and belief systems throughout the course of human history. Taking the “best” parts, the parts that ring truest to a cross-section of humans, the thoughts and beliefs and traditions from each culture, each subset of the whole of The Truth of Universal Consciousness and weaving them together into a new agreed upon whole.

Because slowly and suddenly, the planet has begun to shrink. Previously when pockets of culture began to rub up against each other, there were great wars to determine whose version of The Truth of Universal Consciousness was “best” or “right.”

When in reality….it was all the same Truth, all emanating from the same Source. Humans, we must constantly remind ourselves, have no say, no vote in what the The Truth of Universal Consciousness actually IS. We can only interpret it. And we can only interpret it subjectively, from our very small viewpoint, as a very small part of the Universe. The Truth of Universal Consciousness is…The Truth. It is what it is. The differences we have are the human and cultural filters it poured through and the shape of the vessel that contained and thus shaped it. Now, on a planet that is in the process of shrinking into a single village, with instant communication between the farthest reaches of the earth, all of the historical shapes and filters that developed independently are known. To all those who wish to know.

All of the basic information of all of the spiritual cultures that was once hidden, occulted or arcane is now available. (Dependent, as has always been the case, on one’s individual development and thus one’s ability to comprehend it.) Literally hundreds of once hidden spiritual Truths, originating in literally hundreds of cultures  are now known. (If not completely understood.)

This has removed certainty. It has removed, among thinking people, people not blinded by Dogma or Fundamentalism, the idea that any one version of The Truth of Universal Consciousness is the only Truth. It is far, far easier to be certain that what you have been taught in your culture is THE Truth….if you are not exposed to other Truths, that others also believe with complete certainty.

The removal of certainty in any dogma is a good thing, overall, if we truly value Truth. It is a necessary step in human development. But it has also left a void. A void of the common beliefs which once held cultures and societies together, united by common beliefs, and common goals for humanity….and perhaps most importantly a void of morality. While cultures, religions and even nations have had a common purpose that unified them, and thus enabled them to put the ego of the individual aside and achieve truly wondrous things…the new Global Village has no shared common purpose to unite them. No shared vision for humanity as a whole and thus no formally shared morality, no agreed upon sense of “right and wrong.”

Historically we have had no method to even discuss, let alone agree upon, a new morality (an agreed upon code of action) for ALL of the inhabitants of the Global Village. We have been separated geographically, culturally and most importantly we have been separated by lexicon. Now the internet is giving us a method, a forum for all of humanity to interact, to discover and solidify the basic commonalities of all humans. Not through the filter of the edicts of a church. Not through the policies or pronouncements of politicians or diplomats. But through direct human to human communication. Communication between equals. We are slowly but suddenly developing a common lexicon, a mutual communication of ideas. And a way to compare and evaluate Truth.

Morality is a word fraught with danger, as the whole of human history shows. Enforced, dogmatic morality is responsible for the vast majority of the horrors humans have imposed on each other. Agreed upon morality leads to a common set of beliefs and actions….which leads to a common purpose, which leads to the possibility of a world that is based on cooperation (as has been true within individual cultures) not on the chaos of competition, ie, “every man/tribe for himself.”

The Human Race is still in a deadly competition, still killing each other to try to determine whose version of The Truth of Universal Consciousness is “correct.” Huge percentages of human resources, blood, and energy are still siphoned off from the potential of humanity to “win” this battle. It is not working. It is a battle that cannot be won, because humans cannot determine The Truth of Universal Consciousness.

The Truth of Universal Consciousness cannot be known, achieved or implemented to a greater degree on the Planet by killing everyone who disagrees with your version of The Truth of Universal Consciousness.

The Truth of Universal Consciousness can, perhaps, be known, achieved and implemented to a greater degree on the Planet through the cooperation of humans to take the best of all the traditions, cultures, and belief systems and weaving them together into a new agreed upon understanding of The Truth of Universal Consciousness, leading to a new common purpose (such as saving the Planet and future generations from the devastation of Climate Change, for instance) and a new, despite the dangers inherent in the concept…. agreed upon morality. Agreed upon by the people of the Planet, not the vested elites.

Thus leading to an entirely new kind of world, a world based on cooperation not competition. A world wherein all of humanity shares an organically developed common purpose, that still values the dignity of the individual, that allows us to stop devoting our resources and energy to killing each other and the Planet.

This is….perhaps….the next step in human evolution. A step that not only brings into a being a better Planet, a better humanity, but that also brings us one step closer to truly understanding, and acting in harmony with, The Truth of Universal Consciousness.