It’s Your Move

I am gong to very honest with all of you. It’s your choice whether this site continues. I need to know what the community wants to do. Commenting and content have been sparse, except for a few devoted members and I appreciate and thank them for their work.

When I stepped in here in January, the site was already in decline and had been since last June. I suppose there are factors that have gone into that dynamic, I wouldn’t know, since my last comment here was on June 6th. I didn’t read anything here until I was told about buhdy’s diary in November and I didn’t comment until the site was transfered to me. The offer was made to keep the “lights on” for those whom had vested so much time and energy into writing, reading and comments, for those whom wanted to stay, for those to whom this was “home”.

My original intent was to remain in the background after the essay letting you all know that the site would stay active. That might have been a better idea than I thought. So except for the daily Stars Hollow Gazette Review and the occasional administrative duties, I will no longer be posting here. You all know where to find me and I will be still reading the essays and the comments.

This is about you and what you want to happen to Docudharma.