I didn’t listen to or read Obama’s ration of shit to appease the left.  He’s clearly in campaign mode, and a known liar to boot.  The wreck list at Kos is full of credulousness and praise and donations, whereas Lambert mocked Booman’s swooning response, and Ian Welsh rolled his eyes and welcomed us all to 1970’s style stagflation.  Msnbc’s Ed Schultz said he hallucinated that he wrote Obama’s speech his-own-goddamned-self.  Woot!   Should I mention that Moe Lane of redstate is finally done with President Obama?  Moe’s now on a steady diet of spinach and fear-factor worms to fight to the finish.  “Oy,” as they say.

Meanwhile, whassup with the cheese-eating surrender monkey-frogs?  Punching “above their weight” in Libya and Cote de Ivoire, and shit.  Damn, French people!  Y’all are going post-colonial apeshit, and shit.  Like a real super-power.  Wasn’t that long ago (9/11, 2001) when my homey Olivier and y’all were tittering in American ivory tower elevators about righteous blowback for American over-reach in the very hour when Americans were being consumed in flames.  To the extent that the official 9/11 story is true, which is probably not very, you were right, Olivier, of course, but still, you’re a fucking savage.


  1. I imagine Conrad would have blenched, but my imagination suffers from an overdose of reality.

    • Edger on April 14, 2011 at 17:59


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