Not voting as a positive action

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If an election does not have a candidate who a voter sees as being worthy of support, not voting is a positive, if not a required, action.  In today’s political climate, who would you actually vote for for President? Let’s take a look:

Obama – At least this time you’ll know what you’re voting for.  I didn’t vote for him.  I won’t vote for him this time.

Ummm…it looks like the Dems aren’t going to have anybody else running (well, supposedly Randall Terry is going to run against Obama in the primaries).

What about the Republicans?

Ron Paul – Paul’s interesting, but as with other Libertarians liberty is in the eye of the beholder.  Stray outside of the particular Libertarian liberty and you’ll find yourself not enjoying the protection of a Libertarian society.

The rest – Bwahahahahahahahahahaha

So, you’ll have a choice of the joker Obama and a Republican joker.  You’ll have a choice of a bad President (Obama) and a probable worse Republican.  So, as always it seems, you’ll have a choice between bad and worse.

Knowingly voting for bad is, well…voting for bad. Knowingly.  Doing so, in my view, is not positive.  It’s bad.  And, what’s worse is that the act of voting for the bad just continues to encourage the bad.  I suppose voting for the bad is better than voting for the worse, but voting for the bad is still voting for the bad.

I don’t see voting for the bad over the worse as being worthwhile, so given the choice, I won’t vote (where I live, you can’t write in a candidate unless they are a declared write-in candidate, and I don’t see anybody running as an independent who’s worth voting for).  Perhaps someone will come out of the woodwork who’s worth voting for.  So far, I haven’t seen anybody worth wasting the time on.


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    • RUKind on April 12, 2011 at 1:01 am

    In fact, I rarely vote major party. They’re both bought, sold and rented to the highest common bidder.

  1. There…it’s about as backward as they come.  Our state doesn’t allow write-ins unless they are what’s called official write-ins (which kinda defeats the purpose…but it’s Indiana).  The Libs are actually on the ballot line.  See my arguments about Ron Paul to see why I don’t vote for them.

    • Diane G on April 12, 2011 at 4:10 am

    neo-liberals in isolationists clothing.

    I will not-vote before I vote for either of those douches.

  2. I agree that a Neocon-Corporatist Republican, and a Neocon-Corporatist Obama is the same thing, and presents no choice.

    But there may be the choice here in 2012, of voting for Ron Paul, and Ron Paul would:

    1. End the Wars, Foreign Occupations, War Profiteering.
    2. Stop the wasting away of Trillions of Dollars overseas.
    3. Stop Human Torture, CIA Renditions, CIA Assasinations, and close Gitmo.
    4. Cut the Military Budget in half.
    5. End NAFTA/CAFTA/GATT and the gutting of our Manufacturing.
    6. End the Central Bank Monopoly destruction of the Dollar, and their control over the money supply.
    7. Support open government, transparency, and Civil Liberties.
    8. Legalize Marijuana, and end the Drug War.
    9. Stop the “Too Big To Fail” looting of the U.S. Treasury, and end the Bailouts.
    10. End the Corporatist “Chamber of Commerce”, and cut out government Corporatism.

    Now all these things would dramatically change our Country for the better, so is this not worth it?

    Of course it is!!! We need this change.

    Granted, Ron Paul doesn’t like entitlements. But he has also stated many times that: 1) he would cut the overseas spending first, before hurting people at home, and 2) he would create a transition program before any cuts to social security.

    That’s a whole lot better than Obama will ever do.  

    Obama doesn’t have the knowledge or the sense of decency to do any such thing. Obama will just agree to whatever cut-throat, draconian cuts that the Corporatist Republicans press him for — while continuing to happily waste away Trillions of Dollars on War, murder and torture, and continuing to bail out Fat-Cat Corporations using our money for their profit.

    So we do have a clear choice here. You just have to drop the idea of this Left .vs. Right paradigm (which has proven to be nonexistent anyway), and support the one well-intentioned, honest, principled man in the field who will restablish the concepts of honest, Constitutional, accountable government once again.

    Ron Paul

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