Need a Reason for “We Are One” today-60min’s Report

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If you thought you didn’t have a reason to participate in the April 4th “We Are One” {face book page link} rallies around the country this report will certainly plant that needed seed as they continue trying to destroy what America once was building successfully, through it’s workers!

6omin. 3 April 2011, if you missed this it’s a must watch and or read!  

They tried to scam the wrong person, as they had scammed thousands before and since, and are caught red handed. With this and all the rest that have gone on in our financial system, that bring it down for the masses but not for those who caused the collapses, during the 2000’s, has yet brought massive perp walks and looooong prison sentences, yet the proof is all there and I’m sure there’s plenty more!!

This is an explanation of the 60min report:

Scott Pelley explains a bizarre aftershock of the U.S. financial collapse: An epidemic of forged and missing mortgage documents. Mortgage mess: Who really owns your mortgage?

April 3, 2011 – Do you know who really owns your mortgage? As Scott Pelley reports on “60 Minutes” this week, that question has become a nightmare for many homeowners since the invention of mortgage-backed securities. Yes, those were the exotic investments that sparked the financial collapse in this country. And the’re still causing problems. {continued}

And this is the CB 60min report in full:

Mortgage paperwork mess: the next housing shock?

Scott Pelley reports how problems with mortgage documents are prompting lawsuits and could slow down the weak housing market.

April 3, 2011 – If there was a question about whether we’re headed for a second housing shock, that was settled last week with news that home prices have fallen a sixth consecutive month. Values are nearly back to levels of the Great Recession. One thing weighing on the economy is the huge number of foreclosed houses.

Many are stuck on the market for a reason you wouldn’t expect: banks can’t find the ownership documents. {continued}

And this is what the wealthy and so called powerful still want to hold onto as their capitalist system. Doing so through the Congress, extremely lax regulating, the Washington Bubble and Washington lobbying by using the same ones who were in charge of the power through the 2000’s up till the latter part of that decade and the total collapse felt around the World, still ongoing, as those who so greatly profited, and are still doing so, also are still rewarding themselves handsomely like nothing ever happened!