“Gray Eagle Draws First Blood” in Afghanistan

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Gray Eagle 2


Gray Eagle Draws First Blood

Service sources have confirmed that the U.S. Army’s MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAS has participated in its first lethal combat engagements in Afghanistan.

“For QRC 2 we have already fired in anger and we have destroyed some of the enemy. So we had ‘a first.’ We had a Gray Eagle up there, we lased/self designated and we killed an enemy. Then we lased another target for an A-10 and it dropped something onto [the target] and also took out the enemy. So we are weapons capable.”


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  1. Work Seven Days A Week.”  – The Clash

    (well, now they work 9-5, go home to the wife and kids in the burbs, have a BBQ on Sundays after the game, then back to more killing first thing Monday morning)  

  2. Years ago.  “Ender’s Game”, I believe.  Where children were rigorously trained to “play” computer war games, but unknown to them, the games were real and the war and battles were real.  We’re rapidly appoaching that kind of surreal insanity.

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