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Essays Featured Thursday the 7th of April:

Late Night Karaoke takes us Higher & Higher, mishima DJs

Six Brilliant Articles! from Six Different Places!! on Six Different Topics!!!

                Six Days a Week!!!    at Six in the Morning!!!!

mplo ponders Fiction and/or real life in books and movies in Thursday Open Thoughts

Cornucopia Thursday, a weekly feature from Ed Tracey brings a delightful collection of items and ….well, just plain whimsy…..

fake consultant has a fascinating hypothesis On Reincarnation, Or, Was Glenn Beck Just Promoted?

Cactus Syrup & Sheriff Sam from Wendys Wink, republished by RiaD

from Timbuk3: The 100 Greatest Rock Songs of All Time!

Tonight #87  

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    • RiaD on April 8, 2011 at 2:53 am

    i thought i’d put a comment here already.

    i’ve been having trouble w/bloggy things lately

    i’m not sure if it’s me or teh soapblox


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