Earth Day 2011

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One of the many Earth Day sites this one with a A Billion Acts of Green, where you can add your own.

In this I will just add a few reports I’ve come across this morning while waking up, might add some more as they trickle in.

The Climate Change deniers are just using this to once again lock the brakes on human societies ability to continue advancing, but now, unlike some thirty plus years ago, it’s the obvious one big part of the need for us to continue what had been started back then and the only false argument they can use. There was another recent report a few days ago that you should view if you missed it, it aired on PBS NOVA: Power Surge. In this it points to one simple act by a succeeding U.S. President in removing solar panels from the roof of the White House installed by the previous President. That act signaled the end of what had been a growing movement, much as the dissolving of the air traffic controllers union of another important issue, towards cleaner energy thus a cleaner planet for many who were as visionary as that preceding President.

Gallup: Fewer Americans see climate change as threat

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Apr 21, 2011 – Fewer Americans and Europeans view climate change as a threat than did a few years ago, but more Latin Americans and sub-Saharan Africans see themselves at risk, according to Gallup surveys in 111 countries.

The 42% of adults worldwide who see it as a threat to themselves and their families hasn’t budged in recent years, but changes in some regions reflect divisions on the issue between the developed and developing world.

In the USA, 53% said climate change is a serious personal threat in Gallup’s most recent 2010 global survey, down from 63% in 2007-2008. In Congress, Republicans and some Democrats have raised questions about climate science. The House of Representatives approved a bill earlier this month to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gas emissions, but the Senate rejected it. {continued}

Some may find this government program within their needs, as well as in helping create some much needed jobs in this really stagnant and still collapsing economy.

Home energy upgrades get U.S.-backed loans

By Lui Kit Wong, AP: Randy Magellan with the Metropolitan Development Council fills a crack around a chimney to stop warm air escaping from a house in Tacoma, Wash., on Dec. 4, 2009. The Obama administration announed federall-insured loans Thursday, April 21, to help finance such energy efficient upgrades.

Apr 21, 2011 – Many U.S. homeowners are now eligible for up to $25,000 in federally-insured loans to make energy-efficient upgrades such as adding insulation, sealing ducts or replacing windows, the Obama administration announced Thursday.

Consumers with good credit scores, manageable debt and some equity in their homes can get “PowerSaver” loans at or below market rates to finance efficiency measures that also include new HVAC systems, water heaters, solar panels and geothermal heating/cooling.

“We’re making it easier for American homeowners to save money by saving energy,” said Energy Secretary Steven Chu, noting they spend an average of $2,000 each year on utility bills. {continued}

In the mentioning of the removal of the White House solar panels, above, there has always been one question I’ve held and asked, then and some since. Why there were no questions, from that Presidents political ideology party of so called smaller government and most important screaming taxed too much crowd, as top how much in the utility bills were cut by using this source of energy grab for the huge Peoples White House!

One Group you may really want to place your backing with are the Veterans of the still ongoing two wars of choice, group now a few years old, especially the one in Iraq we now are finding out had much to do with energy needs and the resources under that countries ground.

It’s all about that National Security, real security, and not huge defense budgets! After all, it’s not like you’re being asked to ‘Sacrifice’ as they and their families have, especially if you’re grossly wealthy!


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    Earth Day Comments

    This is all about much more then just the very important climate change and damage done!

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