The New Medievalism

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Three US wars-one starting right now, today.

The destruction of the Gulf of Mexico. The eroding of civil liberties, assassination, torture,  drones attacks.

Economic destruction for the poor and middle.  The rise of the banks, and of military interests.  

The war on drugs – which has essentially just created a for profit industry.

Global warming.

Nuclear power. Nuclear weapons.

What do these things have in common?

Governments worldwide have generally become less and less responsive to guidance by their citizens and more and more controlled by an elite over-class.  The revolts in the middle east are certainly symptoms of reaction against that, in nations that have long been dictatorships, but in the larger countries, such as the US, have in fact gotten much worse.  The unified europe has made an attack on Europe’s poor and middle class possible, and even against it’s poorest member states.

Simply put: fewer europeans have more power than ever before-well, since perhaps medieval times. The trend of hundreds of years towards more human rights for more and more Europeans has been checked, stopped, reversed.  

In the US, polls show that the policies of the government are increasingly unpopular, yet they go forward as before.  There is no where to turn, no accountability.  The US has always done some bad things in the world.  But the difference today is that it does the no matter what the public opinion is, with perhaps even less attempts to guide public opinion than ever before-because it doesn’t matter anymore. During even what is now seen as the deeply unpopular Vietnam War – it was in fact popular with many Americans, something the government had to work very hard to cultivate as so many Americans died.

Today though,  despite the unpopularity of US wars (even with few US deaths) , of US nuclear plants, of bank bailouts, the civil liberty erosions, the institutionalization of insurance companies as health care providers, the war on drugs; these will go forward no matter which American party is supposedly in power – because they agree on many things- first and foremost that:

You don’t f’ing count.

Likewise Americans of the left and right largely agree on something as well – the American government cannot be trusted. It could not be trusted about Iraq, Afghanistan, the oil spill, the threat of radiation from Japan, the threats from it’s own plants, or anything else.

The American government is totally out of control. There are no checks and balances in that country anymore.  And Europe may well be on the same path, though the populations there are more likely to fight back.  The control of a higher percentage of all capitol by so very few is a big part of the cause and the (ever spiraling upwards) effect.  


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  1. And f..king well said!  

    • banger on March 20, 2011 at 01:55

    If you look at the figures in terms of social health it would take decades of concerted action for the Europeans to achieve the depth of dysfunction we live with every day in this country. Americans have given up, largely, on the idea of civilization and live in a psychopathic fog. And I speak here of the majority of the American people not just the crazies on the right. The difference, and correct me if I’m wrong, is that the European elites care somewhat about the future of civilization and traditional Western values, the American elites have no interest whatsoever in that–they’d prefer, it appears to live in feudal times where they have absolute control over their minions.

    The shocking part is that Americans just go right along with that path–happy to pledge allegiance to selfishness and narcissism and to make war on compassion should it ever truly arise–in substitution they put in sentimentality to chief arch-fiend of fascism.  


    Because there’s oil there. Obama told them to

  3. (where the comments are usually rabidly right wing) are literally 100% against the new war–I didn’t see one that was for it– and these comments have thousands of recs.

    like this one:

    So, it matters not what public opinion is.  

  4. No new world to escape imperialism. People in the new world were only rewarded long enough for it to become developed. Now it’s back to the dark ages, but only worse this time, because there’s nowhere to run.  

  5. I have to walk amongst the idiot zombinals daily.  Holding my tounge when a co-worker talks about their kid in the military or something more trivial like the last episode of American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.  While all of this disapponts me as it only reveals the level upon which people operate.  I want to save them for their distorted disinformation worldviews and evalute if and when possibly such things could or should be attempted given the specifics of the circumstances.

  6. soc has just begun….

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