The Misfortune of the Libyan People

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Of all the uprisings happening in the world today, the Libyan People are going to be the most unfortunate.

We’re not talking about unfortunate in the sense of seeing a woman with an exceptionally large mouth hooked up with a guy with exceptionally small hands, “Woooow, now that’s unfortunate!” kind of way.


We’re talking more like you’re Michael Jackson and instead of dying, you just dropped the soap in the Aryan Nation end of the prison shower after being convicted of child molestation unfortunate.

There is no way this is going to end well for them. Its not just going to leave them vaguely dissatisfied, its going to leave them scarred and royally screwed.

Now spank my ass and call me a bad-girl-America-hater; but generally any time the Military Industrial Complex backs a revolution? You know damned well it ain’t about human rights. You know it has nothing to do with empowering the people either. It has to do with something Nationalized from which OUR private sector wants to PROFIT. Any country that does not let the US/Euro Gangster-banksters run rough shod? They be terrorists.

PhotobucketSo this all has my tiny brain woefully perplexed. NATO isn’t calling for airstrikes in Egypt or Tunisia. They certainly are silent about the upcoming revolt in the Gangster-bankster friendly human-right clusterfuck called Saudi Arabia. Now those people make Gaddafi look like Mr. Rogers, albeit with a touch of RuPaul flair. No sweater vests for dictators. The man has a certain panache!  AND!!! We’ve asked the Saudi government to arm the people in Libya to revolt, while backing the Saudi crackdown on their own. The mind BOGGLES, dudes.

But about old Mo?

I just don’t know anymore.

Why of all the vicious mother fuckers on the planet are the PTB painting him as the next Great Satan. I mean, we’ve had a definite hard-on for him since he booted our “shores of tripoli…” singing bases right out of his country. Remember when old Ray-guns Ronnie bombed and killed Gaddafi’s infant daughter? That should have taught Mo right then and there not to funnel his country’s oil wealth into free health care and education.


Now, lets say I established the Socialist Commonwealth of Diane under which I was elected first President and Goddess of all assets for all my people. I’d know damned well that the entire armed-to-the teeth world of Gangster-banksters would not only try and isolate me from any world trade, any unions with other nation not operating under their “protection” (read protection like the Mafia provides – “nice store, I’d hate to see something happen to it, you needa take out some ‘surance…”)

But that would be the LEAST of my problems. Offering the low-hanging fruit I allowed on my little Paradise Island untold riches, glory and fame to over-throw me, and let the “Investors” come in and “Grow” our country would be the more serious line of attack. Humans have a greedy streak a forbidden apple wide, and covet gene that runs longer than a Charlie Sheen bender.

So, you start to mistrust some of your own citizens, citizens you have taken care of; but those certain ones who have always made your spidey sense tingle when their oaths of love and loyalty ring about as dishonest as plaid-clad used car salesman. They wanna be rich, powerful, people to be “contended” with. Or they just want to have their own yacht to watch their pathetic neighbors drool over from their tiny fishing boats. You know the type. Corruptible.

So when CIA spooks come in speaking Diane-rastafarian (our official language) and start training and arming the rotten fruit? When they start writing op-eds lying about me and my good-hearted countrymen saying we are oppressing them by not letting them work for McDonalds?

To what extent would I crack down on foreign Gangster-bankster subversive interference?

Paradise exists exactly in a vacuum; a world-wide kabal vacuum of sucking greed that wishes to explode it from the outside and suck it dry.


So, anyway, back to Mo.

How do I know what to believe about his “reign of terror” in his country and this FNSL which was born in the bowels of the Gangster-bankster in London, with the US & Britain giving them a golden shower of cold hard cash to overthrow the oil-rich Libya whose evil leader created an irrigation system massive enough to make the desert bloom, and destroy the market for importing genetically engineered sterile grains? Huh? What’s a goddess to think about that?

I do know the Western Gangster-mouth pieces have painted him “killer of his own people,” yet when asked? Libyans do NOT want NATO/US intervention. They say he is brutalizing this uprising, and want us to be SHOCKED! Shocked, I tell you. No matter that even if it were true? Whatever causalities incurred are nothing at all compared to what our Military wreaks exponentially more brutally on Afghanis and Iraqis every fucking day.

Keep in mind: War is profitable, whether you win or lose it to the Gangster-banksters.

But its doubly profitable when you can denationalize oil and create the more subtle invasion that follows the hard invasion called war: The invasion of the “Investors.”

We would have a hard time selling that intervention in Egypt or Tunisia, places more open to the Western press, and much harder to lie about. I have no idea whats really happening, or has happened in the past in Libya.

I don’t know what Libyans themselves really want. They have no economic crisis at present, hell they were importing labor their economy was so robust. They are fairly well educated. They have the highest rating for the Human Development Index for Africa ~ and the highest life expectancy on the continent. So are the protests real or CIA controlled?

All I know? Is if Gaddafi prevails, we will “save” them by killing them, and if Gaddafi fails? They go back to being the Gangster-bankster’s butt-puppets and goodbye healthcare, free education, and their economy.

Its either end up bombed into oblivion, or end up as fucked as US citizens.

Either choice?

Highly unfortunate for the People who have the misfortune of being born into a land our Kleptocracy covets.


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