The Fix We’re in For: Bridges and our Infrastructure

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Yesterday I put up a post about a report that was to be released today, the report is now public and it isn’t a pretty picture as noted by those who put it together.

And this report is only on the Bridges around this Country and broken down by States.

This is well known by many, especially us who work in the construction industry and understand what is built needs constant maintenance, even our military understands that with preventive maintenance programs

This has been ignored for way too long. With tens of thousands of construction workers laid off or on spotty contract jobs wondering what’s next. Thousand of contractors scrapping the bottom trying to inject projects. Engineers and architects, along with other construction white collar personal doing likewise, out of work or just hanging on.

Here’s the report:  

The Fix We’re In For:

The State of Our Nation’s Bridges

Report released on 30 March 2011

1 in 9 highway bridges in the U.S. are classified as “structurally deficient,” requiring significant maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement. Is your state doing a good or bad job at maintaining these vital pieces of infrastructure? Where are these bridges located? Our interactive map allows you to map all the deficient bridges within 10 miles of any U.S. address, view a national report and 51 state reports and a full national ranking of state bridge condition. Visit site for more and to sign on

The Fix We’re in For: Bridges,Infrastructure

New report assessing the condition of our nation’s bridges coming Wednesday

T4America: Transportation for America

Just remember, the obstruction during the previous Congresses as the economy finally collapsed from the wall street capitalism. Just remember, and still going on, the condemnation of the new administration as to that collapse of the economy and millions of jobs. Just remember the yelling and screaming from this so called grassroots tea party, corporate funded, their own 24/7 propaganda cable channel leading our other media outlets into justifying this false rage and still trying to do so. Just remember the tea party candidates and any other still calling themselves republican, all pretty much on one of their main messages, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs,………..! Just remember up to the present day how little that’s mentioned but instead they’re trying to tear down what jobs there are and the people with them, from state to state, as well as destroy the rest of what they had started, the America that once led and did so with an envied workforce and economy.

Just remember what’s been going on the last some thirty years and who’s been doing what in the name of what once was but is no more!

They use the phrase “this is what America wants” they don’t say that it’s their ‘amerika’, it certainly isn’t ours and most certainly not the one I grew into in the first part of my time on this planet, and we pay them!


    • jimstaro on March 30, 2011 at 20:42

    Lately to home and business natural gas line explosions all over the place, some killing people as they took out whole houses and or sections of neighborhoods.

    We were witness only a few years back to a killing bridge collapse, we had one years back that was on Rt 90, the thruway, in New York, I had been driving back and forth over it going to mall projects in Mass., i believe a couple of people died in that if memory serves.

    We are witness in our communities of constant water line and some gas line breakdowns that affect our travel and more. Some area’s get the occasional building parts dropping down onto the sidewalks below.

    Look around, pretty much is aged, unmaintained or barely maintained, bottom line you know, in every community in this country as Billions are moved to the top, them offshore, and sat on and they want more!

    • jimstaro on March 30, 2011 at 21:22

    This was back in February 2010, and what did we get during the campaign, tepublicans, obstructionist, and their supporters screaming jobs were number one, and after, nary a mention of jobs nor working with the others in the government to get our economy moving forward as it once was!!!!!!

    T4 jobs proposal would create nearly half a million jobs, according to Economic Policy Institute

    February 17, 2010 – The Economic Policy Institute ran the numbers on Transportation for America’s jobs proposal and concluded that our plan for increased transportation spending would create 480,000 jobs.

    The Senate’s first jobs bill currently has no money for transportation, other than a transfer of general fund dollars to cover the looming gap in the Highway Trust Fund while extending the transportation bill (SAFETEA-LU) until the end of the year. (Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is said to be planning several separate bills, one of which may focus on transportation).

    Our proposed package for Congress directs $34.3 billion toward a mix of public transportation, highways and bicycle and pedestrian projects, closely resembling EPI’s own plan. Our proposal contains roughly $16 billion for transit, $8.1 billion for the Surface Transportation Program (highways), $9.8 billion for competitive grants (like the TIGER grants announced today) and $1.5 billion for Active Transportation such as bike and pedestrian facilities to make walking and biking safer and more attractive. {continued}

    • Xanthe on April 2, 2011 at 15:34

    across one of the bridges across Chicago River – and there is a particularly awful turn on the blue line el in Chicago.  Of course, rahm will probably privatize all of this stuff – so we’re good.

    Why aren’t hordes of workers out on the streets shoring up our infrastructures?  Could we be more dispirited about this?  

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